Power of Attorney for reactivating HHR and marriage registration?

Hi all, I’m a NWOHR and looking to get my TARC. My Dad is unwilling to go back to Taiwan to reactivate his HHR, so I will get Power of Attorney.

These are the facts:

  • I was born in US. I have my NWOHR passport, authenticated birth certificate and marriage certificate of my parents.
  • Dad has a renewed Taiwanese passport and old (expired?) 身分證 and 戶口名簿
  • Mom was PRC citizen, now US citizen. They were married overseas, so their marriage was never registered in Taiwan.

Am I correct that these are the steps I need to take?

  1. Reactivate my Dad’s HHR
  2. With his HHR reactivated, I can register my parents’ marriage and my birth.
  3. With the marriage and birth registered, I can apply under AF353.

A few other questions:

  • Could I apply under AF384 directly without having my parents’ marriage or my birth registered? Then I could skip the whole steps above.
  • Can I reactivate Dad’s HHR when he’s not physically entering Taiwan with his passport (and therefore won’t have an entry permit)?
  • I have a cousin with active HHR. Since he’s not a linear relative, I can’t use AF353. But I could reactivate Dad’s HHR using his HHR?

I’ve also read online about needing these items:

  • 身分證 (ID)
  • 戶口名簿 (HHR Certificate)
  • 戶籍謄本 (Transcript)

When my Dad’s HHR is reactivated with my cousin’s, will I get new copies of the ID, HHR Certificate, and Transcript? Since he wouldn’t be the head of household, do I need my cousin to be there to request the documents besides the ID?


What did the HHR office say?