Power Plant Shutdown Presidential Alert (13 / 17 May 2021)

Anyone else get this?

The gist seems to say that a power plant shut down due to not enough hydro (I’m guessing energy overload.)

Apparently it’s Xingda Power Plant in…Kaohsiung?


Yup, just got it

I was just about to finish my first novel. Damn. Lost the lot.

Got a good little beginning, middle and end. Some friends become enemies, some enemies, friends.

All for naught because I didn’t save to disk.


“ It is the oldest coal-fired power plant in Taiwan as of 2019 and was built 37 years ago without any prior air quality impact evaluation.,[6]making it notorious for polluting air quality in southern Taiwan for decades”


Got it too (Danshui): is it something I need to worry about? Am I going to lose power in class next hour?

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Not sure!

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Interesting, I ignored the message thinking it was just another covid summary from today’s announcement


No news on media yet?

I don’t think they would send a presidential alert for covid unless shutting down.

Got it in the north also.

We had prior covid text notices last year, for example when the Diamond Princess tourists came through Taipei last year.

I’m only using e-fan …

Power and Internet outages hit many places, including my home.

I’m all for it if it keeps those covid-infested northerners from fleeing to our blacked out city.


Nangang Home power out, office across the street has power. Cht Internet works ok, mobile internet down

Hearing power outages in Taipei and Taichung

They really need to have these in Chinese and English. I panic every time i get one because I think it’s an earthquake. At least earthquake alerts have “beware of probable shaking” at the end so I can glance at my phone and react in seconds. I don’t have the brain power to process tiny Chinese text when “Presidential Alert” is in bold and everyone around me’s phones are also buzzing and there’s a bunch of characters I don’t see a lot all together


I’m worried about my half kilo of cookie dough I stored in the freezer


Poor petal.

I’m more worried about losing air-con. :open_mouth: