Power supplies from Kaming Co. Ltd. recommended?

I want to replace the broken original power supply of my Toshiba Satellite 4090CDS notebook.

I found a power supply (model SWNB1540) from Kaming Co. Ltd. (kaming.com.tw) that’s much cheaper (590 TWD) than the original Toshiba one (3750 TWD).

Did anyone use this brand before and can recommend it or not?

The original Toshiba is 15V / 3A, can I use the Kaming one that’s 15V / 4A anyway?

If you are talking about the external power adpator, I’ll say go for the cheap third-party one instead of the Toshiba one.

Btw, take your notebook with you when buying the adator to make sure it’ll work on your ntoebook befroe you buy it.