Power supply unit

ok I custom built my pc in the states…now I brought it back to ROC and decided I want to upgrade my PSU to 350 watts from 300. So my question is can I use the PSU I bought in ROC and use it on the pc I got in the states? Will it work or is it going to mess up anything. And to install it I think just take out the old one and put the new one in…I saw friend did it once and that’s it? should I watch out for something else.

also how are the electricity in ROC? I mean for pc’s health…in states I dont’ have the extra electricity stabilizer thingy. do I need one here ? thanks


The USA and Taiwan use the same voltage, so it should work ok.
But PSU’s are heavy things, I left that (and the case) behind when I shipped my computer abroad.

Isn’t 300W enough for you ? Are you sure 350W will be enough ?

Here’s an article about power supplies that might tell you what else to look out for: http://www4.tomshardware.com/howto/20021021/index.html

Taiwan uses 110V/60Hz, just like the states. No need for stabilizers though in offices you see a lot of UPS used (which sometimes perform this function). Don’t think it’s required though.

Assuming your motherboard has the standard connections it should be as easy as you say: take out the old one and install/connect the new power supply.

Do NOT attempt this if you have a Dell computer. For some insane and unknown reason, Dell decided to use a power supply that has a standard ATX connector but 2 wires switched, meaning that if you plug a non-Dell power supply in, you WILL fry your motherboard and maybe your CPU.