Power Supply

I am looking to buy a power supply for my Samsung 300E notebook.

There is no power supply available for it in the part of Taiwan where
I am.

Where can I buy one?
If I can only order it online, which is the best website for me to order one?

is yours dead? Mind if I can see a picture of the label and connector?

Would try typing the brand and model number into Shopee/Ruten etc.

If you want a physical shop, it would be useful to clarify what “the part of Taiwan where
I am” means.


When in doubt, contact Samsung and ask where the nearest distributor is for your part.

I tried getting a power supply for a couple of my computers in the past. All were laptops. The price was about 2/3 the cost of a new computer. This left a really bad taste in my mouth as that is obviously intentionally f*cking the customer and promoting waste. So i swtiched brands once the machines were toast.

Its kind of insulting when they do that to their customers.

Apple is the worst. They charge insane prices on their accessories.

Ya, i have already completely banned them from my realm many years ago. There is no reason to buy apple, if i wanted to be limited and not be able to do most basic things, i would break my legs and claim disability instead of payin for it…

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Their perspective: Cheap customers are the worst :slight_smile: We need money to stash abroad!

Cheap or smart?

Are you still there @Kingdomparadise?

If you answer my questions, I can point you to a proper listing that is the right one for you.