Power TV News


It has a ridiculous name, but it appears to be a new English language news program. The content is almost exclusive local, that is Taiwanese. I’ve watched it the past two nights, and have learned, among other things, that a local woman, observing the month long post-pregancy imprisonment custom, can expect to now spend over NT $65,000 on rice wine. I also learned that sugarcane which reproduces sexually, as opposed to asexually (like the Vice-President) tastes better.

Much of the news is of course political in nature. So far I haven’t seen any interviews but there is plenty of dubbed footage of local politicians talking about current events. In any case this program should prove useful to the foreign community. My cable system broadcasts the show every weekday night from 11-12 on channel 36.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out!


The newscaster’s pretty!

Though they should probably add more reporters in their stable. I don’t like it when the guy who files the news is also the same guy who dubs the Chinese soundbite into English.

But it’s a good start. Better to have one English News broadcast than none at all.


I thought that this media was Pro-China KMT or PFP controlled just like the China Post no? I would watch and listen skeptically if I was you.