Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Flashcard for Anki/Mnemosyne

Hallo everyone,

I am studying at ShiDa in the Intensive class with book 4 right now. As I am to lazy to create my own flashcard deck for either Anki or Mnemosyne I am hopeful, that somebody before me had that idea and made his deck available to the public. :slight_smile:

Yeah, If somebody could provide me with a link to a deck would be awesome. If possible all 5 books.


I run a website that one of the language centers in Taiwan uses to accompany the PAVC series. In addition to flashcards, it also has several exercises for each chapter, that students have found helpful. You can try out a demo here.

Does this help? I am not actively studying anymore, so I wouldn’t really know.
Stuff is out there if you search for it, though.