I had my company annual physical exam about a month ago and they inadvertently gave me two envelopes with the directions and little shit bottle. This morning I came across the extra one that I didn't use (brand new, perfectly clean), so I put a good scoop of peanut butter in it and brought it to work. Everyone has gone home now except me, so on my way out I'll drop it off on the desk of a colleague. It could be anyone, but I think I'll choose the very serious, upright, Christian guy. I look forward to hearing his reaction tomorrow. He he he.

In the alternative, I was thinking I could "discover" it somewhere tomorrow in front of a colleague, say "hmm, what's this?" casually open the lid, sniff it, pull out the scoop and take a little taste. But I don't think I could keep a straight face that long, so I'll just drop it off and go. :slight_smile:


Damn, I picked the wrong guy. He didn't do anything, or say anything, except quietly dispose of the bottle of poop on his desk. Maybe he didn't find it peculiar to find it there. :s

On the other hand, I was greatly pleased that my four-year-old and my wife both found it hilarious. Sure the child would, but I was surprised when my wife was rolling on the bed laughing as I told them about it. So much for the myth that Taiwanese lack a sense of humor.

And, before I'm accused of being childish for playing a little prank, here's what my 75 year old mom did last year on April's Fool Day. Every morning, my folks receive 3 different newspapers in plastic bags on their driveway and my dad goes out to retrieve them to read during breakfast. So my mom woke first, went out and replaced them with yesterday's papers. My dad was totally baffled when he brought them in and pulled them out of the bags. I was greatly surprised and proud of my mom when she told me that.


You silly boy!! Pranks at your age!

This thread is making me rethink that lovely photo of you and Aung San Suu Kyi that you posted yesterday. It's a wonderful shot; her regal beauty and your obvious joy at being alongside her. But I'm now wondering about what is behind the huge nerdy grin. You have the look of a naughty boy who has justed placed a whoopee cushion on the headmistress' chair.



Yea, that's the spirit, TC. :bravo: Great scene from a hilarious movie.


While over in Taiwan recently I was lolling about a mate's place and flicked on a DVD of the best of Trigger Happy TV. Some superb pranks in there matched by strangely meloncholic music.

Lots of it about on Google Vid, etc. Here's a good selection.]Best of Trigger Happy TV

Trigger Happy TV - Phone montage.

Trigger Happy TV - Module 3 Enclosed Public Spaces

Trigger Happy TV - 1,000,000th Sex Shop Customer

Trigger Happy TV - Secret Agent + Train



HA! Yesterday's prank worked perfectly.

Background: my boss is a total lunatic (literally), unfit to hold his position. He knows nothing about the law or cases we handle, he does no work personally, he engages employees in conferences many hours long, over and over, he's paranoid, neurotic and a pain in the ass, everyone hates him, he should have been fired long ago, he's forced many colleagues to quit out of desperation, and one of my colleagues in particular, has a deep loathing for him and is constantly badmouthing him every day.

So, yesterday I was forced to go into laoban's office for a 3-way call with him that should have taken 10 minutes but just wouldn't stop. Early on I was pissed off, pacing in the office, cussing the bastard, flipping off the telephone, wishing I could get back to other matters. I saw his business cards on his desk and for some reason, I took one before leaving the office. Finally, after 1 hour and 40 minutes, I couldn't take any more, so I simply walked out of the office, without saying a word, with him still rambling on over the phone.

What to do with card? Hmmmm. Might as well give it to my colleague who is crazy about the boss. He'd already left for the day, so I placed the card right in the middle of his desk.

This morning when I arrived, my colleague was sweating. Did I know how that got there? No. Did I know if laoban had been in the office, or if he wanted to speak with him? No. My colleague told me he got a mysterious phone call last night too, which he didn't answer. He appeared to be petrified. Should he call laoban? Should he speak with laoban's assistant? I let him fret it for two hours, periodically coming to my cubicle to speak with me about it, before I finally told him the truth.

It was great. I nailed him good. :laughing:


An officemate always bought lotto tickets and left them in his desk drawer. He would get the morning paper and coffee to enjoy before work. He would check the lotto numbers from the paper. One morning, I got the paper early and found the winning numbers from the night before. I then bought a ticket with the previous winning numbers, replaced the mates old ticket with my new one. Now just sit back with my paper and watch fun. Puzzlement, then double checking, then out comes the pen for triple checking, then a careful placement into a wallet, then a blank stare off into space, then I start laughing. Glad he didn't call his wife first.


Still amusing after all this time.