PRC, Formal Diplomatic Relations with

Can anyone point me to internet resources which show when the PRC established formal diplomatic relations with various countries?

For the USA, I believe it was March 20, 1979?

For the U.K., sometime in 1950?

What about the Soviet Union, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, South Africa, India, Thailand, Singapore, etc., etc.?

I couldn’t find a single site… but here’s the result of a simple google search: … 7j%B4M&lr=

I know, you’ve probably already done that.

Someone posted a list here on Forumosa (probably when it was Segue or Oriented) a long time ago. Try browsing the Culture and History forum. It was a complete list, so shoudl be jsut what you want.


This may be helpful too:

UK recognized PRC 6 Jan 1950. Diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level established in 1972. … t27071.htm

Sino-British Diplomatic Relations Upgraded on March 13, 1972
Chen said that on March 13, 1972, diplomatic relations between China and the UK were upgraded to the ambassadorial level, opening up a new era … 2064.shtml

History of British Embassy … beic.shtml

Here’s a chart I made up:

[quote]Here’s a chart I made up:

Now that’s the one I was looking for! So close to home.