PRC propaganda posters

Presumably online? Does anyone know of such a website? Can they even be bought still in China? I am not looking for “originals” but modern reproductions. Paintings and big-character posters, mainly.

You’ll have fun in here:

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[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]You’ll have fun in here:

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Get back to your “Criticise Lin, criticise Confuse-us” paper. :wink:

And here by golly. … 5977020B07

I saw some of these in Page One a while ago.

I’m looking for propaganda posters, reprints of official original posters from Liberation to the present. They have them in page one?

They did one time I was there. Full size posters, right? Quite large? I haven’t seen them since (but I haven’t looked for them). However, if they have had them before, perhaps they could order them for you.

[quote]Where can I find

[quote=“smell the glove”][quote]Where can I find

There’s a place in Guanghua Market with some smaller ones… it is/was on the bottom floor in the current/old one, but I don’t know about where it’ll be once they’ve moved to the new place.