Prenuptial agreement in Taiwan

I am planning to get married in Taichung. We do a bit earlier then planned, because it will allow us to travel to Europe and Taiwan in these times. However I would like to get a prenuptial agreement in Taiwan. According to Dutch law this is also valid in The Netherlands when deposited at the government.

Does anyone have any tips on prenuptial agreements? Basically I want:

  • us not to have any claims on eachothers possessions and bank accounts in case of a divorce
  • a translation in English

Is this in Taiwan also done at a notary?

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In mandarin


You do it at a court.

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Thanks, looks complicated… I guess I go find a lawyer in Taichung first.

I think you will really need a Taiwanese and a Dutch lawyer. Because to be valid under Dutch law, certain things need to be done in a certain way which you almost certainly will otherwise overlook. So maybe a good starting point would be to talk to some of the more international law firms in Taipei