Prepaid eSIM for local phone company

Hello, trying to solve the local phone number problem PRIOR to arrival in Taiwan next month. I have a iPhone 11 w/dual sims. One is an eSIM and one physical. I want to get the eSIM prior to arrival and quarantine. I know a lot of carriers have eSIM options in Taiwan, but have not seen a pre-paid that I can do online. Thoughts?


Why prior? Just get it at the airport. It’s not hard

Probably because of this :point_down:
He’s gonna get quarantined and having a SIM card is needed, and having one by the time he disembarks will save him hours in a long line with like hundreds of others trying to get SIM cards (this is before even immigration).
@Awvelo, you can follow directions below if you have a (boy/girl)-friend/wife/co-worker in Taiwan who can help you.

Yeah, I saw this idea today also. It will be a bit more comply with two people and hence the need for 2 phone #’s etc. So unless there is this eSIM solution, we will be stuck in the queue to get a couple of physical SIMS.

Chunghwa Telecom offers Prepaid eSIM, but you have to go to a physical store to get one, so it does not serve your purpose.

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Ugh, at least it’s pre-payed…thanks!

Waiting in line at the airport aside, is it possible to get the “number” at the airport as eSIM? I have a Pixel4a which can handle one physical and one eSIM at a time. I would therefore like to keep my current SIM card “physically” and just add a Taiwanese eSIM… Does anyone know if this is possible upon arrival?

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As far as I know, eSIM is not available at the airport.

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Good to know, thank you. Then I’ll immediately convert my current SIM into an eSIM. Thanks!