Preparing for a Typhoon - What You Need to Know :facebook:

I think it’s because glass naturally shatters into small pieces but if you tape the windows it actually causes it to shatter into larger pieces which is more dangerouser. :sunglasses:

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But it’s not a reason, it’s a claim.

Tempered glass, yes. I suppose that the taped fragments could be lifted as a whole, like a sheet, and that could be hazardous, but there’s no reason the presence of tape is going to make bigger, dangerouser :wink: , chunks of glass.

True, but its a claim made by researchers and scientists :nerd_face:. Honestly I dont think tape or not makes much of a difference. Standing next to a window as it explodes is bad news either way. If you really care about damage, just board em up.

It seems like a good time to bump this thread again.

The main mistake I’ve made is forgetting to clear my balcony drains, including pulling out the hose from my washing machine. Get that drain as clear as possible.

Make sure you’ve got batteries and flashlights and that device chargers are fully charged.

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