Presbyterian Church and NT $100m donation

David Sun, Taiwanese-American co-founder of Kingston Technology, announced yesterday that he was donating NT $100 million to cover the cost of the recount. He claimed that he didn’t want the recount to be held up by petty squabbles over who should foot the bill. He also said that though he leans Blue politically, the money wasn’t earmarked for any particular party. [The lady doth protest too much, but I digress.]

Sun asked the Taiwan Presbyterian Church to handle the logistics of delivering the actual funds. Today’s China Times reports however that the Church will decline. Apparently the Church elders saw the whole thing as a thinly veiled effort to funnel money to the KMT/PFP (who practically everyone agreed should and will end up paying for the revote). A representative of the Church suggested instead that Sun donate the money to civic groups working to promote ethnic harmony.

Do not mess with the ruling elders! :wink:

I just find it odd that ROC is going to buy 1 billion radar system, invest 100 billion in PRC. And cannot find money to do a recount.

There must be some money some where on the island. If everyone is going to pretend to be poor. Might as well let the CCP run things then. They seem to have a lot of money now.