Preschools near or convenient to NTU?

Hi all,

We are moving to Taipei in August for at least 10 months while my husband teaches at NTU law school (near the Technology Building MRT station on the brown line). We have a son and daughter who will be 4 and 2 when we arrive, and we would like to put them in an all-Mandarin-speaking or bilingual Mandarin/English preschool.

Can anyone recommend any places near NTU?

We would also be interested in exploring any preschools that we could live within walking distance of but still allow my husband to have a door-to-door commute no longer than 40 minutes by public transportation. I saw some posts recommending preschools near the Dazhi station; if we lived near there, how long would the commute be to the Technology Building station?

Thanks very much for any suggestions you may have!

Try Sun Love Kindergarten, across the street from NTU
Address is Wen Zhou St. Lane 52, #14 02-2362-9886 or 02-2365-1861
It’s a very good school with great teachers.

My sister-in-law runs an award winning Montessori preschool, Utopia

Tel 2754-3381
1F., No.15, Alley 20, Lane 300, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10693

SIL doesn’t speak English but they have a teacher who has a master’s in Education from the States

When we are in Taiwan our 2 1/2 year old attends school there, and really likes it.

Thank you both very much – this is very helpful!

Does tour SIL still run this Montessori school. We will be visiting for 2 weeks in March and would like to put our 2 preschoolers in school while we are there.

Thank you.