Preschools Serving Healthy Choice Of Food

Hi, could anyone recommend a Kindergarten / Preschool which advocates serving healthier choice of food to children? Healthy meaning less sugar, less salt, less oil, less processed food (e.g. ham, bacon, sausage) and perhaps even organic? Thank you.

I think it will help to let us know where you are.


We are considering the following areas to reside:

  1. Taipei
  2. New Taipei City (Linkou)
  3. Taoyuan (Qing Pu)
  4. Hsinchu
    Would appreciate any recommendation of schools within these areas. Thank you.

As I recall, most kids bring their lunch from home. There are school lunches, but they are the opposite of what you described. I would recommend you make your child’s lunch to bring if you really are concerned.

Thanks Andrew. I have contacted a school in Taipei and they don’t allow us to bring our own lunch unless there is a special reason to do so. Like a dietary requirement. Reason given was all kids should enjoy the same things in school.

What school?

is this a Taiwanese school? I think most kids eat school lunch now at least in Taipei.

I don’t know any particular schools, but most schools provide monthly menu on their websites, and it is often with photos. So you may check them. Many of them advocate healthy lunch.

If you read Chinese, some articles on school lunch. Mostly kinder.親子/326012/台灣幼稚園餐單大集合-鮑魚-瑤柱-蟹肉超豪華-每月餐費是

Monthly menu with photos

The OP is asking about Kindergartens not elementary schools, none of the kindergartens I surveyed allowed kids to bring their own lunch unless they had some medical dietary needs.

@Jsquare Typically kindergartens have either their own kitchen or they have the meals supplied from an outsider provider. For us we didn’t consider any of those using an outside provider. As a very general rule, kindergartens with a teaching philosophy, such as Montessori, will tend to also pay more attention to dietary requirements, not a definite rule but generally holds true.

You really need to contact schools individually and visit if possible to check out what the kids are eating on the day, the general condition of the kitchen and what’s in the pantry.

As a very, very crude filter, go with a private kindy with it’s own kitchen and a stated teaching philosophy and stay away from those whose purpose is clearly to only be somewhere to put kids as cheaply as possible while the parents are at work. There will obviously be exceptions but we found that to generally hold true. Cost is not a guarantee of goodness however you will be looking at the mid to upper price range kindergartens for what you want.


@tando Thanks for the articles. I will take a look at them via Google Translate. I have gone through some food menus which I found on the schools’ website. I can’t tell how much salt, sugar or oil they cook with but I do see processed food like bacon, pork floss, sausage, century egg. As we work remotely, our choice of residence in Taiwan will be determined by the Kindergarten so I am looking for schools which serve healthier choice of food before deciding where to stay. The search is thus more challenging (or perhaps more time consuming) as compared to if our residence is bound by proximity to a workplace and we could only select schools in that neighbourhood.

@SuperS54 Thanks for your tips and guidance. I will keep them in mind when searching for schools.

We liked Shuanglian Kindergarten up in Shipai, they have a good campus. They have their menu up

@tempogain Hi, thank you for your recommendation. I will take a look at their menu. Is it located at Beitou? How do you find the teachers there?

In Beitou, yes. Our daughter loved it.

@tempogain Thank you very much. I am interested in Beitou as well. Together with Tamsui and Linkou (New Taipei City) because I heard these areas are less crowded and closer to nature and have more parks, which we like. Do you stay in Beitou? How would you describe living in Beitou like?

It’s nice enough, while still being close to Taipei. It’s kind of an older semi-urban area. There are hills around, if you like hiking. Linkou and big parts of Tamsui are all new development. The nicest part of that kindergarten is it has a big building and nice grounds. Does your family speak Mandarin at all? You didn’t mention it so I kind of assumed so I guess.

@tempogain Yes, I saw the school’s website and its campus is impressive on photos! I would love a campus like that if I am a child! Yes, we speak Mandarin but we are unable to read Traditional Mandarin, so still need Google Translate for that. Is it easy to access supermarkets or convenience stores in Beitou? Would it be less affected by pollution during the worst months of the year?

Speaking is enough. Plenty of supermarkets in Beitou district, including the crown jewel of Carrefours :slight_smile: I might say that Beitou’s location close to the northern mountains results in a bit better air quality, but I think I’d just be kidding myself :slight_smile: The Beitou incinerator tosses out some small level of dioxins I believe, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about compared to the ordinary air pollution.

@tempogain Haha. I would also assume air quality is better the closer you are to nature. And we do love hikes. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience. I will be looking into that school you recommend.

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