Press freedom in the US

This is quite a brouhaha that’s developed here, I hadn’t seen anything about it but Jimmy Dore brought it to my attention. FWIW, and as you’ll be hearing a lot if you look into this, I have a very low regard for Project Veritas. That’s besides the point however. Excellent article on it.

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An interesting book about their coverage of the Nazi atrocities.

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I think it is now undeniable that the NYT is the propaganda outlet for the DOJ. I say that cringing, as it sounds so conspiratorial, but the facts is the facts.

DOJ is the hand, the Times is the hammer. Enemies beware.

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A response and follow up by James O’Keefe.

Me too, but my regards for the NYT haven’t exactly been elevated by this run in they have with Project Veritas, pretty scummy tactics.