Prevent losing line messages when changing phones.. kind of urgent

When I’ve changed phones in the past. I’ve lost all my messages. They’ve disappeared from my PC platform too.
Basically, my main phone and the one that I use to log in to my PC has died. (Small chance it may be repaired but doubtful).
I’d really like to keep my current conversations. Dates, addresses, bus schedules and other facts I like to keep regarding certain people but don’t want to put then into a directory or save them.
My PC is still logged in from my old phone but I’m not sure how long it will last.

So, basically, I’d like to be able to access my line account on the phones I am able to borrow. Due to financial reasons, I can’t afford my preferred replacement phone now.
And I want to continue using it on the PC.
I do have a verified password with line, on the PC but almost never used the password log on option when I could just use the QR code.
OK. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I got a new phone recently, and before activating the account on it I did a backup of the most important Line chats on my old phone. Then I moved the backup files to the new phone, activated my account there, and then restored the backups. It worked except for one file that was broken I guess.

The two PC’s where I use Line did not lose any chat history BTW.

EDIT: the backup and restore functions are built in Line. I just run into this, which I haven’t tried and don’t know if can give you troubles:

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You can back up all Line message to google.
Setting wheel --> Back up and restore chat history–> back up to Google Drive.
Then you can Restore it from this method as well.

From memory you lost access to the photos shared via Line. Best to back them all up first.

Just to make it clear, you have to do that chat by chat. It’s not possible to do all of them at once. Also make sure you make full backups, including pictures!

These backup options are great. But it looks like they only apply to working phones.
My main phone may be in phone heaven.
I have full access to my pc platform now. Is there something that can be done from there.
I may not be able to exist without line on and android phone until it comes back from the repair shop be it fixable or not. Maybe I can create an identity without a phone number temporarily.

I found out I can save conversations as text files on the pc. Not what I’d like but I guess that’s it. This deleting messages when changing phones is a bummer. What is the advantage. Any better advice is appreciated.

No good advice but the reason for this is the encryption used in Line. Once you lose your phone you lose the key to decrypt your messages. Line only stores encrypted messages on their server, so after your key is gone, you can not download and decrypt them again.

You don’t need to do them one by one. This has changed since probably you last did it.

Wechat> >>Line… too bad…Taiwanese are anti against it…

Sorry, but… where do you say that you can do a full backup of ALL your chats at once? I had to do it 2 weeks ago and that wasn’t possible.

Per instruction i gave before

One the main line screen -> hit the setting wheel ->Chats-> Back up and restore chat history-> Google drive.

Done it with like 4-5 phones all works

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How long ago did you do it? Because AFAIK that function has been deprecated. Now you have to do it chat by chat.

Right, saw it.

That doesn’t back up the photos/thumbnails though, so for chats where you want to keep everything, you need to do those conversations individually.

New Result!!! I’m not sure if it’s what I did but all my messages were transferred to the back up cellphone. I WAS WRONG!( How do you do strike through text.)
I got the outline of every conversation. The voice bubbles. But, inside I just got the message: Unable to display message as it can’t be decrypted. Ask your friend to resend the message. So much for wishful thinking. )
Here’s what I did.

  1. Made sure I was still logged into the PC.
  2. I installed the program to my cell phone and logged on with my
    verified e-mail address. As usual I forgot the password but was able to
    do a reset.
  3. I added the phone number.
  4. In the past it took almost all day for all my contacts to reappear.
    Sometimes more. Now everything came back instantaneously.
    Of course I could log in later or tomorrow and find everything gone.
    Go figure…

Look again at my earlier message. I failed. I got the outline of every message but not the text. Dumb. At least my contacts came back

If you change your phone number is there a way to keep your line account as it is?

go to LINE website and google search your question. I remember seeing the answer that one is able to do it.
Under “Account” you should currently have your email address, password, etc.