Prices in Taiwan

I’ve got a general question. I plan on going to Taiwan in November for five years. This will be my third time there. My last time was in 1997-1998. Just wondering, for anyone who’s been there for a while, how have the prices of things (e.g., rent, food, furniture, electronics, etc.) in general been compared to about 5 years ago? About the same?



Taxis start ticking at $70.
Buses still $15.
MRT fully operational now, and pretty reasonable to ride.
Rents are lower. Remember that 1997 saw economic crumbling which still hasn’t bounced back completely. Also, with earthquake, Mainland china’s economic boom, typhoons of last year, the dpp, things just haven’t been same. I would venture to guess that it’s more of a consumer’s market and costs are overall a bit lower than before, with the exclusion of what the government has contol over, like the cigs, rice wine…
Yeah, I’d say it’s cheaper than 1998, and you can find bargains a lot easier.

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(what about rents?)

Asia Week: Taipei’s Tough Times

7 Cities

Economic growth decelerated rapidly in 2001 to register a contraction of 1.9%, representing the worst economic performance in 30 years.

Very useful information. Makes it easier to make a budget. Thanks everyone.


I love these surveys that leave things out like the cost of housing. “Yes sir, if you leave out the cost of fuel insurance and maintenance, the Mercedes 600SEL is one of the cheapest cars on the road.”