Printing document

Where can I print documents? It´s for NIA application.

ever been to a 7-Eleven?


7/11 or Family Mart

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Get the files in PDF format and put them in a USB stick.
Got to any convenience store as pointed by @KHHville and @Shaun008 and tell the clerk you need to print and need help.
They will come around the counter and do everything for you, you just need to confirm some details (file name, color, quantity, etc.)

If you live in a community building, they may have this service at the lobby, too. Check with your doorman.


Great thing, too, is you can fill out a document, place it on the printer screen, stick in USB thumb-drive and have the help at the store scan that document back onto your USB (as PDF or JPG), where you can take it back and e-mail it to anyone.


How much do they charge for printing 1 page?

NT$3 for b/w, NT$10 for color.

Honestly, do you need someone to hold your hand for this simple job?


Sorry, i just came to Tw and I´m trying to know how things work


I can get you a deal for NT$2 for b/w

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One hint: try to find a 7-Eleven with its printing/scanning machine right near/next to the counter. That way you can get the counterperson’s attention for help if you can’t understand how to run the iBon kiosk.

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It’s 3 NTD for 1 page A4 black an white.

In 7-11 and family mart the printing function is available in English. Just go to the kiosk terminal, set it to English, and it will guide you.

Before it actually prints you will be asked to tell the clerk to enable the machine. You will also get printed out coupons for each print job, in the end take these to the cashier to pay.

Warning: don’t use non-standard characters in file names (like Umlaut Äöü). At least family mart kiosk can’t read it. 7-11 kiosk was ok, but I wouldn avoid it if possible.


get yourself familiar with the 7-11 and familymart machines / services. good stuff.

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wow he’s here

In NIA office can print documents?

The last time I was in the Taoyuan NIA office they didn’t have printing facilities. They directed folks to the nearest convenience store (but it could be different now?)


@eatdrinktravellife Welcome to Taiwan! You can also print at 7-11 from your phone using Line. You might want to use this in the future:

  1. Get Line (the messaging app that everyone uses here)

  2. Add 7-11’s ibon account to your Line friends

  3. Select this option to add a text or image file from your phone to print

  4. A QR code will be generated. The ibon machine has two options for printing, from a USB or from a QRcode.

As mentioned, the clerk can help you. You’ll have to ask the clerk to turn on the ibon machine before you can print (請幫我開電腦 Qǐng bāng wǒ kāi diàn nǎo)


And from a PC/Mac, you can use the website:

(QR code will be sent to your email address - so you can also show it on your phone)


Good to know!

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That shouldn’t be a problem if the file is in PDF format.

It can be, depending on the settings of the PDF, some times not all the font subsets are embedded. also some licences don’t allow them to be embedded in the document.