I have been trying to find some laws on printing/publishing.

Say for example boss A wants to print a flyer for his school and distribute it.
Any laws regulating that?

Say Expat B wants to publish a magazine. Any legal requirements.
Does a business name need to be registered?
Relevant laws on advertising etc.?

Local C wants to write and publish own book.
Any laws?

I have tried an internet search, and also a search here on the Form. But can’t see anything. (I did read something about a law being lifted that required all materials be checked by a department first - not sure how far this went though.)

Can anyone point me in the right direction for some relevant laws?


A and C are in the clear. WIth regards to B, if the magazine is in a language other than Chinese, the GIO won’t care. But if it’s in Chinese, or bilingual, then you’ll want to be registered/approved by the GIO.


And the GIO stands for the General Industry OF?

(looking it up as you type…)

Government Inormation Office

got it…

Now looking for laws…