Prisoner of war camp

Anyone got any information about the Prisoner of War camp at on the North Coast which was called Kinkaseki? It was run by the Japs during WW2 and was quite notorious. I was up there the other day with a friend looking around the old mine buildings that the Japanese made the prisoners work in and also in the old shafts. What I would like is the location of the actual camp. There is a website about the mines and the camp, but locations are somewhat vague.

For your interest:

The camp is not easy to find. It is down a steep side road. All you can see is a flat area laid out as a garden with the memorial towards the front. One side of the camp area is bordered by a wall at the edge of a steep ravine. Where the ravine wall meets the road, one of the original gateposts still stands. If you look at the flower beds in the garden, you can see some of the foundations of the barracks walls.

There is a temple on the hillside that overlooks the camp.

If you go there again, ask some of the local people (I mean the people who actually live there), where the remains of the prisoner of war camp are: “Qing3wen4 zhan4fu2ying2 yi2zhi3 zai4 na3li3?” 請問戰俘營遺址在哪裡?

When I was there it was signposted, but not very well. A guy with some sort fo craft shop had actually made his own sign. He remembers the camp. As Juba said it’s sort of in te area below the temple. So from the bus stop, instead of going straight and up to the mine area/museum, go straight and down.


DM -
I think there are several of these WWII POW camps that can be toured here on the island.

Right now I have no further specifics.

I’m pretty sure this is it, but not 100%.

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