Private Bilingual School in Taoyuan - Estimated Tuition Fees?

Hello Everyone, do you any idea on how much is the tuition fee for bilingual private school (elementary) around Taoyuan?


有得國小 Yoder bilingual academy
tuition 87500 / semester + textbook, uniform, lunch 25000 / semester in 2011

福祿貝爾 Frobel bilingual elementary
everything ~220000 / year in 2009

諾瓦小學 might not be a bilingual school
tuition 98000 / semester + lunch 2500 / month in 2012

桃園市新興國際中小學 Shin Shing International School
everything ~100000 / semester in 2009

康萊爾雙語中小學 Cornell Bilingual School
tuition 50000 / semester + 9000 / month in 2013

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thanks a lot tando for your feedback.

i also heard about Happy Elementary School in Taoyuan which is a Public school but in English. have you heard of this?


They are one of three public schools in Taoyuan which have English Village. English Village seems to be a program to provide a better environment to learn English to public school students, not only for the students at the school but all students at the other public schools in neighborhood. They seem to hold one or 2 days English Camps in facilities imitating English speaking countries (maybe US) for groups of students from public schools. I don’t know very much on the program, but think it is not a bilingual school.

Happy Elementary School 快樂國小

Taoyuan Municipal Happy Elementary School International English Village

Taoyuan City International English Village

thank you @tando, very helpful. That means that during regular class, it’s not in English, correct?

do you know if Cornell is a good school?

That’s right. They have 2 or 3 English classes per week.

I don’t know how Cornell is. There may be some teachers who know on the school in this forum.

got it, thank you!

I know this is about a year too late for the above potential candidate for Cornell in Taoyuan but I can offer some insight as a former employee. Perhaps it seems typical, but it is a family run school. there are no administrators there, no one but the family running the show. They started with a buxiban and now opened a private school. The turnover rate is high, the Taiwanese teachers were mostly gossips and backbiters, save for a couple decent ones. The students were perhaps typical Taiwanese school kids with the usual behavior problems. There was no real vision of how they wanted to utilize their foreign teachers. So, you had some freedom that way, but then again what is it I’m supposed to be doing is a question you’ll have a lot. You absolutely must know how to yell at student, bang on tables or whiteboards to get attention. this is the go to method there. Classroom management is a disaster. I worked about 25 classes a week 40 minutes each. It did not end well. I would never work there again, and it makes me scared to apply to other schools of similarity. Buxiban teaching ain’t half bad compared to a school like this.

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if the kids are typical taiwanese kids,

isnt this due to the lack of teachers skills?

Any other bilingual schools you would recommend?


I dont know much on schools around Taoyuan. Are there any other forumosans around taoyuan, teachers or with kid?

yep. so before you have even entered the classroom, the students have been trained to respond to one thing and thats loud threatening noises or behaviors. where do you go from there? unless you have experienced Cornell I guess you wouldn’t understand. have you been there?

you need to ask that question to experienced professional teachers with greater that usual skills.

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I wouldn’t recommend any bilingual school program in Taiwan, anywhere. They’re all a joke, and the schools are just pathetic knock-offs of real international schools. All are run by Taiwanese people and they have no idea how to provide proper English language instruction and Western teaching methods.


so what school would you suggest?

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Anything else. You’re better off having your kid learn by distance or being home schooled than sending them to one of these bilingual scam schools. You’ll only succeed in enriching some very incompetent people who have no business running schools in the first place, especially not a school that pretends to include Western education as part of their curriculum.

Do you have to send your kids to a school somewhere Taoyuan? Then I’m afraid there are very few options. There is Taoyuan American School, but it’s almost in the same category as the bilingual schools.

The problem is that there is too much demand for Western education, even any version of it, that Taiwanese people with money have stepped in to fill that gap. Unfortunately there are very few expats in Taiwan these days and essentially their needs are already met by the current international schools so there isn’t any demand for proper international schools in Taiwan, that is, ones run by and serving the expat community. You can think of it this way: it’s like maple syrup. There isn’t that much to go around, so most of what’s out there is fake, just corn syrup that looks like and sorta tastes like the real thing, most people are too stupid and lazy to look into it or even know the difference. Parents just want the “face” they gain for sending their kid to a private school, and a lot of these bilingual schools are just for kids who couldn’t get into real international schools in the first place, that’s how these jabronis running them are making so much money, just getting all the kids who couldn’t get placed into the good public schools and are on the waiting lists at real international schools. Some might say “good for them for recognizing a way to make money” I say fuck them all to hell, they offer a sub-par product and they shouldn’t exist.

If you’re an expat, for God’s sake, try to get your kid in a real international school, whether that’s in Taipei or in Hsinchu. If you’re a Taiwanese parent, think twice and seriously consider what these bilingual schools are trying to sell you, although you probably won’t.

Could you please add the weblinks too?

we cannot edit a post older than 1 day, so please do google search by school names for schools official web sites.

Schools tend to not list the tuition, so I got that info from Chinese forums or blogs mostly.

the international school tuition fees are ridiculously high in Taiwan. would you know an international school with lower than usual tuition fee? or any homeschooling program you know? thanks for the help regardless of the strong language :laughing:. looks like you’ve had some terrible experience with bilingual private schools

I think the cheapest you’re going to get for a bilingual kindy will be around 15k a month.

EDIT: Apologies, you’re after a bilingual elementary school. I believe they cost more.