Private insurance options

Can anyone tell me what private insurance companies are available in Taiwan?
Also can you purchase with an ARC or do you need a permanent status APRC?
I have heard of Fubon, any other please share
And yes I know you get NHI if you work here, I am looking for additional insurance options. Thanks

Go to the airport, there are bajillions.

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Prudential is good. They have life and medical insurance. Their medical insurance packages are not bad. You get paid if you are hospitalized or have any procedure done, even minor dermatological non cosmetic procedures. It is worth to check it out with one of their sales.

Ok awesome thank you!

Iā€™d be very careful of many of them. Read the fine print because many will have you on the hook for most of your medical costs.

Good call thanks

Cathay insurance.
Union insurance.

Awesome! Thanks!