Private insurances

What kind of private insurances do you guys have? And where did you get them? Here? From whom?

I have my private health insurance which covers accidents as well. But I have nothing like a liability insurance (in case I cause an accident and have to pay the other’s damage) or an insurance that covers my cost of getting new stuff in case of theft or natural disasters (probably won’t be covered here anyway? - not that I had much to be stolen). My company is not big enough to provide this kind of insurance for its expats, but I feel sort of insecure without (maybe because I’m German and just so used to be insured against almost everything :wink: ).

Any hints or suggestions welcome!

I have my private health insurance which covers accidents as well.

Would you be willing to share the name and some details of that insurance as I am looking for something to cover me when travelling or seeking treatment overseas. Thanks.

Hi Rascal

I’m sharing a plan with some friends in Shanghai which comes to about 920 Euro/year for me. It covers health (including checks) and accident follow-up costs no matter where I am (US excluded for a stay of more than a couple of weeks). The company is William Russel, I organized it through an agent in Shanghai. I think the company Aetna has similar plans. If you want details, please PM me or send me an email.

A German friend of mine who just moved to Shanghai with her husband and her daughter told me about offers by Thuringia and Axa-Colonia which seemed cheaper than what I have. Maybe you can try and take a look there as well.