Private Tutors using "Integrated Chinese" Textbooks

Hi all,
I have probably a unique question. Anyone know if it is possible that private tutors in Taiwan would be familiar with the “Integrated Chinese” textbooks used heavily here in US Universities? Just asking since I’ve been studying from those books (self study) for year or so. Wanted to continue using this system since Im familiar with the concepts they use.
Would any private tutors in Taiwan be familiar with these books?

Just asking since I think I would like to take the private tutor route but I am worried it would not be focused on particular goals/checkpoints. I.e. I would like to cover all the material in the 4 “integrated Chinese” course set.

Here is the link for the IC books:

I used Beijing Uni Chinese textbooks with tutor before I came to Taiwan and found that I liked the ones I used after arriving in Taiwan. Which were far far far from perfect but I personally liked them better.

Private tutor? Probably not many tutors using them but I’m sure many tutor would gladly use it if that’s what you prefer. Look around you may even find some that are familiar with them.

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I dont recommend Integrated Chinese. Certainly if you use it, you will need supplementary material, like a LOT of it, if you actually want to learn Chinese. IC doesn’t teach colors, shapes, most clothes, food names, etc. and jumps into “environmental protection” and such “conversation topics” way before you’ve mastered common sense basics. A good teacher will be able to properly supplement the text, but most teachers here are textbook loyalists.

The main ones used here seem to be “A Course in Contemporary Chinese” and “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese”. I can’t speak for the lower levels, but level 5 of Contemporary Chinese is pretty solid with vocabulary load and grammar instruction. It also has a lot of discussion questions that facilitate conversations that can use the language that was introduced in the lesson.


Thanks @nz . I replied in the other language thread too. Going with the Taiwan “Course in Contemporary Chinese” and going to try and keep things moving forward with aiming to pass the TOCFL tests.