Pro Skater Danny Way Jumps The Great Wall

All that with a broken ankle too! The video is about five minutes long, but worth the watch. For more of Danny Way’s insane feats check his site below the link for the jump.

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It’s cool! Small ramp is an understatement! The things that man pulls off are nothing short of amazing!

The poor guy never landed the big air off the vert though. Good for him anyways(crazy bastard). I’d be hospitalised, intensive care if I landed that on my knees. :noway:

He landed it the third time. Still, I’m surprised he is even alive to even pull it off, let alone try it with his track record of injurys. The guy has put himself in harms way so many times and done so many crazy jumps that it will be a long time before anyone can top the gaps he has busted!!!