Problem using "Track Changes" editing function in MS Word

I have been using this feature for the past two or three years without any problems but all of a sudden the people I send edited Word files to are saying that the changes are not showing up in red. The changes are there but they can’t see any red lines or letters in red.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix the problem. I’ve tinkered with the tracking changes function. I even reinstalled Windows the other day, but the changes are still not showing up in the edited files. I should point out that the changes show up just fine on my computer, just not at the other end (on the computer of the people I am sending the files to).
‘They’ insist that the problem is at my end because other people have sent them edited files without any problems.

Has anyone else had this problem before? If so, I would be extremely grateful for any help or advice. Thanks.

I’ve had the same problem once or twice, and we couldn’t quite figure out why the files I received didn’t show the corrections in the beginning. Luckily, we figured out how to make them visible:

In Office XP, there is a toolbar (under Tools - Customize - Toolbars) called “reviewing”. When this toolbar is visible, it has to say “Final showing markup” (not “final”), and under “show”, all options have to be checked as well as “all reviewers”. I’m not sure how to call this up via the menu instead of the toolbar.


This is the default setting of track changes in XP, but changes still don’t show up at the other end. They are using Win2000 - perhaps that is the problem, but it shouldn’t be because they have received stuff from me before without any hassle.

I sent them stuff in RTF format this morning and am waiting for a response. Let’s see if that works. Fingers crossed!

Thanks anyway for your suggestion, Iris. [blows kiss] :rainbow: