Problem viewing videos on Youtube

A few weeks ago I was able to watch the videos on Now when I try it says that I have either Javascript turned off (which I don’t believe I do) or I have an outdated verision of the media player. I didn’t think I did but I went ahead and downloaded the updated version of the player anyway. I restarted my computer and have tried several times but am still getting the same error messages.
Has anyone who has had this problem been able to figure it out?
Thanks in advance!

I believe YouTube uses flash. Try upgrading flash.

[quote=“”]The videos won’t play—what’s wrong?
All of the videos on YouTube are streamed through a Flash player, so you need to have the latest version of Macromedia Flash installed on your computer. To download it, please visit Adobe.[/quote]

I had this happen on my laptop recently. One day YouTube worked fine, the next day it didn’t. The error message said I had Javascript off or my Flash Player was too old. I installed the current Flash Player and checked the JavaScript settings and tried again and it still didn’t work. I went to Adobe’s test page for Flash Player which confirmed I had the current version installed. However it noted that I didn’t have Shockwave Player installed. On a whim I installed that and YouTube worked fine again. So if you’re still stuck, try installing Shockwave Player too.