Problem with stopping NHI having left/re-entered Taiwan

They didn’t give me the obscure rules that explained why I’m eligible when the rules say that foreigners are not eligible. In fact for the only time ever in my twenty-odd years of Taiwan experience they are applying the citizen rules to foreigners (primarily because it’s in their interest to do so)

iiuc, article 14 means if you lose your residency. Otherwise, many people on marriage ARC would easily lose their eligibility and they cannot suspend and reactivate by definition.

Sorry I was editing my previous message when you replied.
My insurance was already inactive and I’d been gone more than six months. It should not have been possible to reactivate it until I had reestablished residency because by the wording of the law I am not eligible simply by holding a valid residence permit.

What do you mean by this?

I thought stop nhi meant 停保, so if it was 退保, it is different from what I thought.

But, citizens do 退保 when they move out their hukou. Foreigners on ARC do 退保, when their residency expired. How APRC holders do 退保 with valid APRC?
Can they be treated as moving out, with their citizen family?

You’re right, I actually did 停保 not 退保 when I left Taiwan. It’s been long enough that I’m starting to forget things…
I’ve still been treated as a local under Article 8 rather than a foreigner under Article 9.
First and only time Taiwan decided to treat me as a local and naturally it brought me no net benefit. Nor will it ever bring me any net benefit now as a return within the two year window to retain NHI benefits is out of the question.

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By 停保, you just inactivated your nhi. Your eligibility was continued as long as your APRC was valid, and the 停保/suspension was within 2 years.

Foreigners don’t lose nhi eligibility while they suspend/inactivate nhi. So, 6 months waiting period to be eligible isn’t applied. Once foreigners do 退保, we should wait for 6 months to enroll again if not by employment.