Problem with stopping NHI having left/re-entered Taiwan

Some of you may be aware that Taiwanese nationals have to apply for their NHI to be canceled when they leave Taiwan, and upon re-entry, their NHI will be automatically renewed for a period of three months. As foreigners, we need to also apply for the NHI to be canceled when we leave the country, but the (dreadful) NHI website says that foreigners need to actually apply for the reactivation of NHI when they re-enter Taiwan if they’ve already canceled it on departure.

My wife stopped our whole family’s NHI when we left Taiwan in 2017. I briefly re-entered the country for work in April 2018, and my wife went back in August 2018 for a holiday. During her time there, she went to the NHI and specifically checked if my NHI status was still halted - the intent being that she would halt it if it weren’t.

Of course, she was fed misinformation by the person at the counter, and not only was told that my insurance status was “halted” but that foreigners have to explicitly reapply for insurance after re-entering the country. I went back to Taiwan last month and this month my wife’s family has received a bill for 16 months’ worth of NHI.

Does anyone have any solid contacts within the NHI system? I cannot get through to anyone with the authority to waive this bill and charge me three months for each entry. The people I’ve spoken to have basically said they’re not responsible for their staff telling my wife a bunch of misinformation, and the rules say I need to pay for the entire period since my entry last year - never mind that they didn’t send me a single bill until today (which you know, might have alerted me that my insurance had been reactivated).