Problems with IE 6.0 - Cannot find server

Why do I keep getting errors with IE 6.0 - “Cannot find server”. I reinstalled Windows with a version that I knew worked. Same result.

Is it something to do with my pc or Hinet?

This has been getting worse and worse over the past few months.

Do I need to reset something in the registry?


Make sure you select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”
Advanced TCP/IP settings should use default DNS and WINS settings.

If you still have the problem, uninstall your LAN driver and reinstall it.

Happens to me all the time, too. Typical MS product I would say - no need to change any settings, just “refresh” or close/open IE.

You know, I’m not sure it’s MS. I think it could be hinet.

Today’s it was working well, but by evening the Itneret has become slow as treacle.

I have two different installations of Win98SE, one which is unadulterated. I rarely use it, except to make backups. The other is used frequently.

Both installations are suffering under Hinet. And I thought it was just my pc. I’m now pretty sure it’s not. Since nothing on the unadulterated system has been changed, and it used to work very well.

So what is the mystery? Is Hinet bandwidth the problem here? I can’t even bring up hotmail or google websites.

Or could it be my router?


The last couple of days every second click has come up blank foe me. It’s been damned annoying. And then the last few hours have been amazingly slow. Wait, wait and wait, and then it doesn;t work half the time anyway. Must be Hinet. Quelle drag.


Same problem happening to me in Da An district on Win XP using ADSL. Been like this for over a week now. Probably more Hinet “maintenace”. :x

my update.

This is the first time I managed to get through to hinet services (at 1am).

Thy suggested a proxy server and then they suggested a patch for my pc since I’m running win98SE. Which updates something in the Network. “243199US8”

Do a google search go to the first link and download it from Microsoft.

It seemst o have made my system more responsive. My guess is that Hinet altered something that made older systems less reliable.

Still can’t connect via Hotmail, though. Now my system’s gone on strike, again. So I guess that’s not the problem.

I have no idea what’s up. I’m still guessing it’s HInet problem… It’s odd though. Somethings seem fine, somethings don’t. Can’t get hotmail, can’t get and yet I can get streaming audio.


I’ve been having the same problem. Have to refresh every page a few dozen times to get anywhere. It’s damn annoying. I’m using Windows XP professional on a 933mHz PC with 500m RAM and adsl that says it’s connected at 100mbps.

Hinet called me last weekend and said they were upgrading their service, so I said ok. They said it would be faster. Nope, it’s much, much slower. I’d rather have it the way it was before. 100Mbps and I can’t even access Google. :unamused: