Professional Baseball games in Taipei?

Hello everyone,

This Summer is my first time in Taipei. I am interested in going
to a baseball game in Taipei, but I don’t know what is/are
the Taipei baseball team(s) in the league here, or where is the
stadium, or what is the game schedule.

If anyone here can give me more information about this, and
how much I should expect to spend on a ticket (and if I can just
buy the ticket at the game), please let me know. Thanks a lot!


There is a nice stadium up in Tianmu. I went one time to see the Brother Elephants (sort of Taipei’s unofficial team) play the Whales and had a blast. I think tickets were around $250NT. The best part is that you can load up on cans of Taiwan beer at $35. Ergo, I don’t remember much of the game.

The stadium in Taizhong sucks. No seat backs. A very uncomfortable three hours.

Related question: Are the Taiwanese stars (Chia Chia, Golden Warrior, etc.) going to be on the Olympic team? Is the league going to go on vacation?

Related question: Are the Taiwanese stars (Chia Chia, Golden Warrior, etc.) going to be on the Olympic team? Is the league going to go on vacation?[/quote]

Yes, players from Taiwan’s professional league will play on the Olympic team.

The league will shut down for most of August.

Thanks a lot for the information! I just looked up some information on the Brother Elephants basetball team - maybe I would want to go to a game during this Summer.

I have never been to Tienmu before, but have heard about the neighborhood a number of times. Is the stadium you mean on
Nanjing East Road near “Asiaworld”?
(is that where the Brother Elephants play?)

Also, I looked at the team’s website but since I am still studying Chinese here, it is difficult to navigate. Do you know where I could see a schedule for the team in English if there is one? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!


The stadium next to the Asiaworld hotel is the old one that is being rebuilt. Should be nice once they finish it. The Tianmu stadium in way farther North across the river. It’s on the corner of Shidong road and Zhongcheng road. Just south of Tianmu East road. There’s a lot of buses that go by there, 285 and 606, to name a few.
Not finding a schedule is one reason I haven’t gone. If you find one, let us know.

Not finding a schedule is one reason I haven’t gone. If you find one, let us know.[/quote]

One of the best games of the year is scheduled for this Saturday, July 24, 5 p.m., in TienMu, between President Lions and Brother Hotel Elephants, the top 2 teams in the league. The league is shutting down for much of August and this is the last time the Lions and Elephants play each other in Taipei.

If you or anyone else wants to join me for this game, please let me know. kdl has signed on. It would be fun to have a Forumosan gang at the game.

Yes! I want to go. I’ll let you know tomorrow, because I’ll have to cuss it with my wife to make sure I can get away from the kids for the afternoon.

Sounds good. Hope the Missus gives you the ok.

The championship series has no games in Taipei. That’s too bad. The last chance to see a game in the North would be Wednesday or Thursday in Xinchuang. Thursday is an “if neccessary” game. Someone told me it would be easy to get tickets since the Elephants aren’t in it. I won’t take off work to go see the game, but I hear Xinchuang has a nice stadium. You can take a bus from the Xinpu MRT station.

[I edited on Thursday, because I put the wrong days as Thurday and Friday instead of Wednesday and Thurday. I hear tickets are hard to come by anyway.]

The game in Xinchuang on Thursday. Does anybody know the time of the game?


Hey there baseball fans! I plan on moving to Taipei in February and am a huge sports fan…sounds like the big spectator sport in Taiwan is baseball, and, with tickets only costing 250 NT and beers 35 NT, I can see why! I am very interested in following the local Taipei team when I arrive. I guess my question is this…when does baseball season start in Taiwan? Can anyone direct me to a website in English that has some info on the pro league in Taiwan?


Good on you, join the fun.
Darn Right ! Baseball is the biggest game in town…

Taiwan pro baseball (CPBL) usually starts around the beginning of March, and each of the six teams plays a 100-game schedule; so far as we know, the schedule for the 2005 season has not yet been fixed.

You could check out the league’s official website: ; but it’s mostly in Chinese (has only one section in English on league history and major events), so get a friend to help out.

Two websites with useful discussion threads (in English) on Taiwan pro baseball are:

By the way, there is no such thing as a home team for Taipei City. The six franchises do not have a “home park” per se, but plays in a sort of rotating circuit throughout the ball parks in major cities of Taiwan, including Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

Pro teams in Taiwan are named after the corporate owners’ brand-names / enterprises:

  1. Sinon Bulls
  2. President Lions
  3. Brother Elephants
  4. Chinatrust Whales
  5. Macoto Cobras
  6. La New Bears

Two more months to go before season opener !

Think triple A baseball in the US with a lot more freon horns and much more serious fans.

Hot-dogs come on sticks with ketchup