Professional Service Receipt

Hi, one of my freelance customers has requested I fill out a Professional Service Receipt (勞務報酬單).

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I’m not a registered company so cannot give out 發票 fapiao receipts. I’ve never had to issue one of these Professional Service Receipts before, even after working with many large companies, so I’d like to check a few things.

As a foreigner without a registered business (but with open work rights through marriage), is it all cool for me to fill this form out?

What should I select as category of income?

What should I put for the tax withholding part?


For my Taiwan company, I have to report the income of all freelancers/contractors i work with in Taiwan at the end of the year so it automatically gets calculated on their individual tax returns for next year. My accountant only asks me for their ARC/citizen ID number and some basic stuff like address. Maybe there’s some withholding rules for foreigners, I’m not sure. If they don’t pay taxes the next year then I assume the company is liable for the taxes so that might be why they withhold for foreigners.

Seems they’re asking for way too much info here. Maybe just write them an invoice with your ARC number, name and address and see if they’ll accept it.

it is a proof of their expense to report tax office, and a proof of your income.

the category, you could ask to them, but maybe is 9b if what you do is a translation or like that, or 50 if not.

if the category is 50 and it is less than 86k, tax doesnt need to be withheld, if you can be treated as a resident. it is january, so they may want to treat you as a non resident. in that case, 6% for less than 39.6k, or 18% for more that that.

now i saw the posted item, and it says tax should be withheld 20% regardless of the category. the category is 9b?


This is normal. Put your ARC number in the tax ID box.

Make sure you confirm the “category of income”, as this has tax implications.


Thank you

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The note after “No” says the withholding rate is 20% unless tax law stipulates otherwise. That’s the standard withholding rate for 執行業務 (9A) aka income from professional practice, which I would say is the most likely category for any freelance income other than 稿費 (9B).

It should be easy to declare it as 薪資 (50) if the two parties are clearly in an employment relationship.

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i didnt remember that 9A includes “any other person who makes a living with craftsmanship or art.” but isnt it mainly for people with certificates?

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