Profile Views popup

Nice idea that - it’s a little annoying though, that it’s always a popup like that. Any chance of doing something like attaching it to the PMs screen or to your own profile screen or something? Some way to be able to still have it going while being able to switch off the popup itself?

Why does it pop up? Is it connected to PM-s or people viewing your profile or …?

I’d like it to be cumulative - i.e. you’d see the names of everyone that’s ever visited your profile.

Maybe everyone that’s visited your profile in the past month? Fully cumulative could possibly get a bit too long.

What are you guys talking about? I’ve never had anything pop up regarding profile views. Does that means that nobody’s viewed my profile. I tried clicking on a few people’s profiles too, but I’m still not seeing any pop ups.

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[I didn’t do that. Some little girl did.]

OK, I checked out my own profile before logging in to test it and now I got a pop up. So, 914, Gustav and a few others will see that I checked out their profiles while trying to figure this whole thing out. I don’t like this idea though. If someone wants to check me out, I really don’t need to know about it. It’s kind of creepy.

I hate this pop-up thing. I just did NOT click on two profiles I needed to see (for URLs) just because I hated the thought that they would receive a pop-up with my name after that.

Occasionally I click on some morons’ profiles just to see what’s written there. It gives me shivers to think that they will see the pop-up window and think: “See? I’m not that bad! Notsu is interested in me!” :smiling_imp:

Agreed, it’s a little 1984-ish. Everybody’s watching everybody, watching everybody. Boo to pop ups. And what a great way to annoy somebody: just keep clicking on their profile. Stalker alert, stalker alert, stalker alert!

Or check this. It appears that “nobody” has “ever” checked my profile. :frowning:

I like it - I think it’s kind of interesting.

Ok, I’m missing something here. I’m clicking everyone’s profile left and right and my own too but I have no idea what you guys are talking about!? :help:

Edit: I see what all the fuss is about. Pop-ups were blocked on my computer. Sorry everyone I clicked like a mad person all day and night. I’m not a stalker! I don’t like it. Some things are better left unknown, I think. No one needs to know I have a crush on them…

Admin: when did you install this?

I can’t see the full list either, but I have been getting notices of others looking. I just tried yours, anything?

Nope. But thanks anyway.


It refreshes each time. I did see you checked me out at 12.58 AM. Kinda freaky, I find. No, not you, Jaboney. Just the whole idea that everything we do on Forumosa is being recorded…

I had my popup blocker on too.
Just turned it off.
Now I can see the people that checked out my profile, even though there is nothing there. :slight_smile:

Don’t like it, and don’t like pop-ups.

Who needs to know that stuff? If someone checked out my profile that’s their business. If they want to let me know they have some interest then they can PM me.

And did I mention I don’t like pop-ups?

Don’t worry, I don’t think it will stay. We were trying it out, and it’s relatively easy to uninstall. We can’t always be sure of how something looks/behaves before we implement it. I was hoping for a cumulative list that could be accessed through one’s profile. I don’t like pop-ups either, and there is something “stalkerish” about the concept as it stands.

Does anyone even see popups anymore ? Not even IE does popups anymore. I didn’t know there was this ‘feature’ until I used my PSP to log in.

Ugh, pop-ups - I hate them too. Didn’t realize it was this big until I logged in today. Mondays!

What’s a PSP?