Prohibitions on American beef and pork

Stagnant incomes are due in part to Taiwan being shut out of free trade deals. Everybody else in Asia is engaged in competitive liberalization.

No one wants to sign a free trade deal with Taiwan due to Chinese threats.

Japan is willing to sign one if the US does. But the US isn’t willing to talk to Taiwan because of its prohibitions on American beef and pork, based on phantom safety concerns. This is such a waste because this is possibly the most pro-Taiwan U.S. administration in my lifetime.

What is Taiwan doing to pressure its beef and pork lobbies? I know Tsai said she is tackling this in her second term.

Once the US and Taiwan sign an FTA, then Japan and others will follow.

Wow. Do you habe a source for that?

I know taiwan pork groups are pretty hardcore. I was part of that 10 years ago.

And as doing business here its a really big popblem not having FTAs.

But i didnt realise the usa was actually willing to sign one if we gave up our hypocritical pork chemical campaign.

Props to Tsai for getting that far, but if this is true…:banana:pork. We are anyear away from disease and export problems anyway. Fta with the usa and japan alone will get us rocking and rolling again…wtf…but really would like a link or somethinf on the usa commitment to signing if we allow thier shitty meat in. I dont see it.

As terrible as the republicans are now, they are the onea who fight more for taiwan compared to the democrats. As we all lnow, dpp should have grown balls 2 years ago and done it. Now we are facing a kmt mlron here and democrats there…which is basically china and bending over a barrel for us here.

I don’t think FTA or pork bans has anything to do with it.

Countries all over the world trades with Taiwan, regardless of FTA, tariffs, or whatever. Taiwan is a major player in the electronics, solar cell, textile, machine tool, and many more markets, and countries aren’t letting FTA or lack thereof stopping them from trading with Taiwan.

A lot of how Taiwan is treated is not official, basically “gentleman’s agreement”. They can’t officially recognize Taiwan as a country, have formal diplomatic ties, formal trade relations, etc. but it’s telling that Taiwan is a major EU trading partner. They may not give Taiwan formal recognition in anything (and a lot of them don’t mean much quite frankly but are purely symbolic), but they treat Taiwan as a country. Every country except PRC accepts Taiwanese passport, stamps visas on them, and Taiwan has visa free entry to over 140 countries. China doesn’t say a thing unless it’s “formal” which doesn’t mean much anyways.

Taiwan wage is low because Taiwanese bosses are greedy and has a mentality that employees are not valued but just hired hand to do slave work. The government is trying but they aren’t trying to be heavy handed. The low wage most likely kept rental prices low, vastly lower than what their purchase price would suggest (landlords won’t raise residential rent because they’d lose tenants, and empty houses break down very quickly). It also kept inflation low. In America inflation is much more out of control and any rise in wage is quickly multiplied in cost increase of EVERYthing else, from rent to consumer prices! I mean stuff like education and healthcare, pretty much 1000% inflation increase.

Taiwan does not have much of a beef industry to speak of, everything is either American or Australian. The only cows you will ever see is the one you see on Yangming Shan and the few dairy cows they keep around. Taiwan lacks the land for grazing to make raising cattle sustainable.

Again, wages has nothing to do with trade, and eliminating a little bit of tariff isn’t going to magically increase the worker’s wage (and if the wage does increase, rent will also increase tenfold). Taiwan trades with so many countries you’d wonder how a country this size can manage to do it.


You need to talk to more businesses. A lot of them are hurt by the lack of FTAs.

Not quite that far yet. US and Taiwan are in talks called TIFA (Trade and Investment Framework Agreement), which is a gentleman’s agreement like @TaiwanLuthiers mentioned. But they haven’t been talking for a while due to pork and beef.

What Taiwan needs to do is to form an alliance of businesses that would benefit from FTAs

This is the source:

I can post direct quotes when I get home.

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Also, Tsai spent her first term on pension reform and getting tourism up from Japan, Korea, and southbound policy countries. She’s not Superman; can’t do everything at once.

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That is a very good post, i agree with the bulk of it.

Though i do disagree that lack of official recognition for taiwan, especialy in respect to FTAs, is a major hurdle.

Also due to lack of official recognition, we get to play mistress with the international community. Also a businessmens agreement i guess. But its not a good place to be: the slut you use and abuse just to throw away when someone hotter comes around. That is kind of Taiwan. Luckily taiwan does have smart cookies but its ultra complicated when it comes to nationality and loyalty. So forget that for now.

This all can be seen most clearly in trade shows where b2b meet ups happen. In so many of them you see straight up 5meter sign bkards advertising “take advantage of out vietnamese FTA advantage” or similar wording. This is what irks me. I do business, i am not big but i work hard and long. I get lots of extra percentiles added to my bottom line because we are in a free democracy who values human rights with a dictatorship that oppresses everyone under its control bullies the countries i sell to who are also freedom driven democracies. This lack of logic is infuriating. The onlyogic to gain from it is we are insane as a species and we only care about trading chips (money). If thats what it is, the. Its no mystery why so many taiwanese busineses are corrupt and sellfish as all hell. Its not a good circle.

Tsai does seem to slowly be pushing the moral backbone that can make us sustainae but there is still a nation of hollow people that just care about “being full”.

I worry a bit though. If we keep doing everything to live up to current free world morals and standards, but the free world keeps shitting on us in favor of oppressipn and genocidal governments…where is the hope for the new generation?

Hand shakes mean nothing anymore. Real businesses are hurting from a 5 to 20% extra costs due to being a free democracy :frowning:


This scenario is a war of egos. Its almost literally retarded to carry on this at the cost of our nations’ future. Beef is farmed a lot here (not relative to cder countries for sure) but there is a lot and we work with many of them in the south. But its a dmall market compared to chicken, pork and aquatic life. That said the beef industry is far tamer than the pork one. Those guys are next level psycho. So forget beef. Blame the pig guys. If they can essentially stop military sales between the usa and taiwan, and apparantly half assed FTA agreements because of trace levels of chemicals (which local producers use at far higher concentrations and just pay a fine when cauht) we should really worry about our governments level of…speechless. Just stupid. Well, more accurately, just scared little children.

Form a political alliance against pork.

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How many countries does Taiwan have s gentleman’s agreement with?

Seen as that type of agreement is hollow and non binding lest say 100. Or 0. No difference as there is no long term scope

Plus it sounds shady as…and dirty. Though that may well define taiwan business practices it still aint great long term.