Projector and PS2

I’ve tried googling this question but I really know nothing about technology and was getting confused with female VGA parts, so wondered if someone here could help.

I want to buy a projector for my house. but want to make sure I can hook up my PS2 to it first. Will that work or do i need to buy something else or is it impossible?

My initial research suggests that you get a cable like this for the PS2.

So the flat thick part goes into the PS2, the red and white cables are your audio, and the S-video connector (the black one) will go into the projector. All projectors I’ve seen contain them.

You should be using a s-video or composite to connect your PS2 to your TV anyway, just make sure your projector has the same plug, which as Tycoon says, it’s bound to.

these are composite plugs:

(the red and white are audio, you use the yellow one to connect to the projector)

If you’re rich and want to future proof it, get one with a HDMI connector for connecting to Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and with mad resolutions.

The yellow plug pointed out by BFM is different to the black one on mine, but projectors should have both connections. Just check…and I agree with BFM in getting a high end projector with HDMI, since you’re buying a product that will be able to take higher end electronics down the track, but it probably wont make much difference with the PS2.