Pronunciation Book

Hi all,

I’m looking for a good book on North American pronunciation. It will be used by a Japanese native who is is quite good in English but wants to “sound likinamerican.”

He has no major trouble speaking, but needs to improve his listening, especially when watching movies or listening to English speakers.

Things he needs to work on are the “R” and “L” sounds, diphthongs, contractions, and howt’understanpeoplewhotalkfaslikethis.

I have searched this thread up to June of last year and have not been fruitful. The main thing is this book must be all in English. No Chinese or Japanese.

Please, what do you recommend? And which local bookstore might I find these books?

Thank you.

Just a comment. Wouldn’t he want some CDs with a book, or just CDs if he’s trying to improve his listening and/or speaking?

Anyhoo, my trusty sidekick google came up with this:
Top 4 North American Pronunciation CD Rom / Book

Even if he’s working with someone, I’m almost certain he’ll want a set of CDs to use in conjunction with lessons.

Check out Clear Speech by Judy Gilbert. Used it quite a bit in the past – with great success may I add. The focus is on North American pronunciation and speech patterns – things like syllables; contractions; reductions; stressed, unstressed and silent sounds; voiced and unvoiced syllables etc. --all in North American English.

I’ve been using a little of a book called “Whaddaya Say?” by Nina Weinstein, ISBN # 0-13-951708-1. The Publisher is Prentice Hall Regents. It’s very helpful for understanding some of the gobbledy gook that comes out of our mouths when we’re really speaking to other Americans or Canadians, like “I’m lookin’ fer ma friend, you seen 'm?”

I’m not sure what you mean by availabe at a local bookstore, since I don’t know what local is for you. If you’re in Taipei, you’ve got a ton of options. I’m in Hualien, where I can’t get diddily, but dang, those mountains sure are lookin’ mighty pertty!

if teachers are looking for a really thorough book:

teaching pronunciation by celce-murcia, brinton and goodwin, published by cambridge

it’s really thorough, 400 pages +. a little more than your private is looking for, methinks, but for those looking to improve on this aspect of teaching …

Thank you for your suggestions. I will check out some local bookstores this week.

Hmm…I went to Page One and Hess Bookstore and I couldn’t find these books.

Please tell me which bookstores carry them.

Thank you.

I saw a book or audio tape about what your describing at the 24 hour eslite bookstore on Dun Hua(near the circle, across from one of the Sogo) Near the dictionary section.