Proof of being still married

Applying for a gold card and at the passport verification stage. We also started looking into how to get accompanying visas and travel permits for my wife and daughter and are running into trouble figuring out how to prove that my wife and I are still married. We were married in Taiwan 25 years ago, but neither of us are Taiwanese. The TECO person we talked with said that our Taiwan-issues marriage certificate doesn’t prove we are STILL married, and she doesn’t know how we would prove it.

Has anyone run into this before or know how current marriage is generally demonstrated for TECO?

You country doesn’t have the system registering your marriage, right?

Then, what I think of is an affidavit notatized by your government authority ( maybe and authenticated by TECO in the area where the gov. authority locates).

Tax report with marriage status etc. might be supporting documents.


Thanks @tando. I don’t know who the government authority might be, but maybe the tax statement will work.

Or just get a new marriage certificate from Taiwan which will have a fresh issue date on it, surely this can be done through the TECO.
Try both approaches, scattergun method often works best when dealing with bureaucracy.


Good idea. But we are in the US so don’t know how that would work. Our local TECO doesn’t know how we can prove we are still married so I doubt they could help getting a new marriage certificate, but who knows. Will definitely ask.

Maybe a statement by you and your wife that you are still married would do the trick. Something that can be witnessed by a local court or public notary?


I work in HR and to prevent “benefit fraud”, one company accepts the following proofs from both spouses: current IDs showing same address, recent utility bills showing same address, recent tax returns. If all else fails the company would accept a notarized affidavit. This may not apply to the government, but I’m interested to know what the government accepts too. Please keep us posted.


Just get married in the US and provide the certificate?

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Can you get married again in the US if you are already married to the same person abroad?