Proof of Skills

My company is asking me to provide proof of two years of relevant working experience in order to get my work permit.

The job is editing English papers. I DO actually have two years of experience, but I just learned this morning that because of the ramshackle way in which I was paid back home in the States, the official verification documents from the HR department (of my very large university) are a total shitshow. I was apparently placed on payroll and taken off more than seven times, with long stretches in between where they recorded me as not being an employee, and finally for the last year of my employment I am not recorded as being in the system at all. This all despite the fact that I worked normal hours throughout and was paid regularly.

I guess I am asking, how important is this? Do they verify, and how official does the document have to be? I am not forging anything, but my former boss, now working at another institution, has agreed to vouch for me. Is this enough?

Disclaimer: I’m no legal expert.

As far as I know, a signed document from your supervisor should suffice.

HOWEVER, if you worked while you were a student, the time (stupidly) doesn’t count. Taiwan’s arbitrary laws require two years of post-graduation full-time work experience in a relevant field.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the warning. I will make sure all the dates agree with each other.