Proper way to handle long term stay for remote worker

I’m looking for info on how to best approach staying in Taiwan for some time (6+ months?) working for a foreign (US-based) company as a remote worker. I’m wondering about my Visa options and tax obligations. I’d really like to avoid creating a situation where my company (it’s fairly small) has to deal with the headache of foreign withholdings or anything like that, but I’d also like to be above-board and not shady. Paying the taxes for Taiwan out of pocket and doing the legwork of reconciling that with the US via foreign tax exclusion is fine. I’d prefer to have the ability to stay consecutively, possibly buy a house/apartment, etc, ie, be an actual, legal long-term resident rather than just visa-free hopping to somewhere nearby and coming back every few months.

So, I’m horribly ignorant. A cursory inspection of Visas makes it sound like I probably want a Resident visa, but my purposes would at best fall under “permissible reasons”, the catch all at the end of the list.

My situation is, essentially, that I’ve wanted to live in East Asia in general for at least a couple of years since I was a child, and reading about Taiwan has made me think it’s probably got the best blend of characteristics for me. The blend of Chinese, native-modern, and American cultures, with some Japanese influences thrown in, has a ton of appeal. I just want to see and experience the place the way only someone who lives there and forms friendships, business relationships, and so on can.

If I were to apply, it would be early next year. I’ve already got a 3-week vacation split between Taipei and Taichung set up, to try the place on and get a superficial view of it, so that will be under my belt by the time of the application.

I have high income even for a major US city, good cash reserves, excellent health, no criminal record, education, etc. How likely are they to award me a Resident Visa? Or did I miss something more applicable to my current situation?

Following. I read something about opening a Rep office, but the long termers will be able to advise you better. Good Luck…

The rep office thread is here: Complete Guide to Opening a Rep Office 2011 Update

The list of resident visa options is here: … DSD=7&mp=2

You may be able to apply for an investment visa, depending on your circumstances. If you’re going to be here for less than a year, it’s probably much less hassle to do a couple of visa runs to HK.