Property management companies in Taiwan?

Hi guys are there any property management companies in Taiwan? I am in Kaohsiung and there are some but I heard it’s not legit or not recognized by the government. Not really sure what the Taiwan guy was saying but are there any good companies in Taiwan? How are the real estate agents do they do this kind of work? to rent out your house and manage it for you, or 代書? I don’t want to sell the house and I will be gone for many months at a time…dont’ want to come back half year or a year later and find that my house is in a shitty condition or worse situations. any recommendations?

and if I want to sell the house…they say I can authorize some guy and let them sell the house for me…what do I need to watch out or know about this?

thanks guy hope to your help.

hi guys…so anyone got any recommendations? property management company any decent ones in Kaohsiung?

Real estate agents should be able to do this for you, but I don’t think that is how it works in Taiwan. My dad is a real estate agent back home and he manages property for absent landlords/landladies. He charges 10% of monthly rental. It’s not easy money, though. I remember, when we were kids, he would get phone calls at ungodly hours from tenants reporting broken water pipes or complaining about neighbors loud parties. He would then have to call the plumber or go to the house himself to soothe tensions.

I don’t know of anyone here that is going to do all of that for you. The real estate agent will fix you up with a tenant and the going rate is the first month’s rental, but after that it is all up to you. Perhaps it is something you could negotiate with an individual real estate agent, though. Don’t you have a relative or a friend that could manage for you? Failing that you might have to choose your tenants carefully, get them to resolve any problems on their own while you are away and then square up with them when you get back.

talked to a few agents yeah they say 10% but I seriously doubt they will do a good job…and if things ain’t taken care of it’s gonna come back to me. Even if it’s a good agent once awhile I prolly have to come back to take care of big things, and it’s a long flight…hmmmmmmm maybe some agents will do it? need to find some good ones…maybe I can also put it in the contract with the tenant that I won’t be around so everything they need to direct to the agent or themselves

In the abscence of any relatives or friends you will have no option but to go the agent route. I wouldn’t be too despondent, though. It will be in their interest to do a good job if they want to retain your business. You might want to give them the number of a good plumber/electrician should the need arise for one. This should preferrably be someone you have used before and trust. You don’t want someone replacing and charging you for a brand you pressure pump when a new valve would have sufficed.