Proposal for New Scooter Driving Test

Anyone who’s gotten or has tried to get ( :blush: ) their license knows about the scooter test. It consists of a little U you drive through and doesn’t actively reflect real driving conditions on the Taiwan roads.

I thought I might use some the of contacts I have a the Taiwan Department of Motor Vehicles to have the test updated. Here are some of the things I’ve come up with. There should be sections of the course that deal with:
[ul][li]Sending text messages while driving.[/li]
[li]Poperper early left turn at red light protocol.[/li]
[li]Riding with 4+ additional passengers.[/li]
[li]Proper rain coat use (backwards of course)[/li]
[li]The Cellphone in the helmet technique.[/li][/ul]
Am I missing anything?

  • Wearing helmets backward
  • Mobile shopping while operating your scooter
  • One foot down for quick stopping
    • shoe dangling is optional
  • Helmet straps - to flop or to fasten?
  • Childrens helmets - Do they really need them?

I think these skills need testing too:

*using an umbrella while riding
*stopping perfectly on the ‘zebra stripes’
*threading the needle
*hunching for aerodynamics
*creative mirror alignment

“Walking the dog” properly while on a scooter

  • Proper manoever-first-look-later technique
  • Correct mirror adjustment for make-up application
  • Climbing up high curbs for parking on the sidewalk
  • Passing through or around scooter barriers for sidewalk parking
  • Correct misuse of car parking spaces

… and then the advanced stuff

  • Riding sidesaddle (as opposed to sitting pillion)
  • Slalom technique where no obstacles exist
  • Car emulation
  • Heavy goods vehicle emulation
  • Making as much noise as possible with a puny little engine

:laughing: :bravo: @ all of them. Very nice!

Dont forget the sections on
properly creating the largest obstacle possible when parked
stopping in heavy traffic
and selecting the emptiest lane, no matter which way you are turning