Proposals for Taiwanese flag


Been coming up with designs but didn’t post them… This one is based on the Mata weave patterns.

This… monstrosity is from a concept of combining flag with math… I take a Mata shape and double it’s size every time I duplicate it, and align them side by side. I then colored the spaces with Amis colors. The concept sounds cool in my head, the end result like more like modern art than a flag…


@hansioux Hello my name is Brian. I’m an American expat living in Taipei. I like your flag designs a lot! Good work!

I have my own YouTube channel revolving around expats. And I am trying to get enough people to participate in a design your own Taiwan flag contest for my channel. If it’s ok I would like to post a link here to the video outlining the contest and the rules and the reward for the winner. Thanks for reading and I hope you and others who are interested in this sort creative project will join the contest.


Sure. I have a google plus community where I try to get others to design flags as well.

I post some of them here if they look interesting.


here is the link to the video explaining the contest and such. Hope to get some people participating.

p.s. thanks for the G+ link I’ll check that out.



That team Taiwan flag violated every flag design common sense possible.


Inspired by Hong Kong and Macau flags: minimalist flower design. On the liberty blue background lies the national flower and the black bear symbol, representing taiwanese identity and its natural diversity.


The green formosan island on which lies the sunflower of independance (12 petals as a shout out to the star on the actual flag). The white ring symbolizes unity.


I like this one. Maybe one could take out the insides of the flower blossom and replace it the black bear “V” to simplify it a bit. Symbolically merging the symbols.


This one looks a bit like the BP trademark


So… back to the constitutionally acceptable flags.

The canton is actually a part of the Pangcah (Amis) 8-tip star, surrounded with a diamond head ring. In this form it looks like two rhombus shaped mata looking down on us. It also sort of breaks the British red ensign feel… by using an arc instead of a rectangle.


Same design concept, also conforms to the current constitution’s “a red field with a blue sky and a white sun” requirement, but featuring the entire Pangcah eight-tip star and abandons the British red ensign design completely.


Looks like some sort of cake


Also looks like this traditional confection.


Yeah. I want a intimidating bad ass flag. KMT did design a nice flag imo and I haven’t seen one that looks as cool. I remember I used to play COD when they still had the KMT flag as the background for your callsign in the game. So when you kill another player online, it said you were killed by “my user name” and the KMT flag in the background and looked bad ass. Couple of people asked me what flag it was.


The government should let people submit designs like New Zealand.


I wrote some stuff in this thread a few years ago, but I have a different opinion now. I’ve decided that I like the old 1895 Tiger Flag. It’s an eye-catcher.


I like Hansioux’s Pangcah star (full version), though it looks a bit like a snowflake. The chevron and colors remind me of the costume of the DC superhero, the Atom!

Technical quibble: in what sense does it have a “red field” if there is only a little bit of red left? (I realize this can be true in heraldry, though.)

hejon’s plum flower + bear V flag looks very much like what the PRC would impose if they ever took over (minus the bear V). I like the simplicity, though. Maybe crossed lilies instead of the bear V?

Hansioux’s mata weave flag (with four red diamonds) is very good. Maybe there should be something in the middle? (A vertical lily?)


In Chinese the article goes:


So literally it says red earth and not red field as in the back ground of the flag being red.


I love this design. Always loved the Japanese navy flag!