Pros and Cons: Taitung Vs. Tainan

I’m hoping users who know can give me some input. I’m hoping to make a decision before next Chinese New Year. By way of background, I’ve been in Taiwan since 1999, and I’ve lived in Taichung (4 years), Hsinchu (1 year) and Taitung (12 years). One of my daughters wants to go to senior high school in south Tainan school year after next, and my other daughter might be entering a vocational program in the same area.

All of which means that I’m thinking about moving to Tainan. My trouble is that I know Taitung, but my knowledge of Tainan is far less reliable. I pass through there a couple times a year, I’ve been to all the famous places, but I don’t know what it’s like to really live there.
So my question for you, Formosans who’ve lived in either place - or both - is how would you compare the two? If you live in Tainan, what do you like about it? What do you hate about it? And if you’ve lived in both places, which do you prefer and why?

Oh, and I’m also considering north Kaohsiung (Lu Jhu or Gang Shan) for family reasons. Any info on those places is helpful too. And yes, I know about the bad air, so don’t bother ranting about that.

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how far is distance between Gang Shan and the high school in south Tainan?
Could you live in Gang Shan and she commute by train to high school?

The area south of Tainan City and north of Kaohsiung City is kind of cool.
Scootered up and around there some times with the family. With a car is probably even more convenient.

What I heard recently form foreigners is that Tainan is becoming the place to live, small enough to get around but lots of things to do.

Those are the two cities I’ve lived in so…

Tainan is bigger than Taitung and it’s also linked to the HSR so if having an active social life is a concern it’s a better option. Taitung is pretty remote, smaller, the upside is beautiful nature but it’s not nearly as big, fewer restaurants bars etc. If you value an active social life Tainan is the better option. If you preder beaches nature etc taitung is the obvious call.

Re gangshan it’s doable but would be a long annoying commute on a daily basis. Its not that close . Jiading is closer if youre considering being in KHH but want S Taiwan access.

Her senior high is at the southern end of downtown. I don’t necessarily need to live that close though. I think within an hour’s drive would be ok.

Yeah I like Tainan quite a bit already. I go to the Old Capital Marathon there every spring.

I was thinking of Jiading also. My mother in law used to live not far from there, so I already know the area pretty well. Gangshan would be ok given that I won’t really need to commute to Tainan from there, just be in the area. This said, Gangshan is a little close to downtown Kaohsiung for me.

It’s pretty dull though and not that close enough to either khh or taiNan to make it worthwhIle…

Ha ha yeah not too much going down there. I’ve driven up that coastal road from Lu Jhu District to downtown Tainan a couple times. Does take a while, but I don’t think I’d mind it.

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