Protection Fees and Retail Business

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to see if anyone out there knows about or has had experience with “protection” fees when running a retail business here in Taiwan (the land of a lot of laws that aren’t followed)? Or maybe with any other type of business? Or maybe you’re a gangsta’ (or cop) yo’self… please explain!

Also… does anyone know anything about the use of gangsters/police for big businesses?

Looking forward to all the replies!!!

I think the “protection fee” you said is “保護費”?
Hmm,It’s illegal.And it happens in some areas.
Especially those hot spots.
Stores or stands in night market are the victims ,most of time.
It’s a kind of blackmail.
Gangster named it as “保護費” (irony term)just declare the region is theirs .
No one can charge the “保護費” here.
Of course,they wont offer any "protection"for the stores.
They force the stores to give some money(depends on the stores income).
And they have to pay weekly,or monthly,or ten days.
Thats it.
BTW,why do u want to konw?I am just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

A person I know runs a very successful Italian restaurant. In fact, it’s too successful. He was asked to pay about $200,000. He reported this to the police and a week later he was cleaning up broken glass and damaged furniture.

In this case,the police apparently don’t do anything for this.
Reporting this to the media(TV news,newspaper) will work than reporting to Police.

Our business (retail lighting store), has never been hassled. We are in Taidong.

Yeah, I’m talking about 保護費…

I just wanted to know whether or not I should stay out of retail!

I’ve actually seen on quite a few occasions policemen getting off their bikes and going up to a roadside stand and being given a “piece of paper” by the laoban without a word being exchanged between the two… and the policeman just hops on his scooter and is away again.

Are you sure u mean “policemen”??
If there are policemen charge the “保護費”,
then I don’t think it just happens in retail business.
Go find the legislator or media is the best way if the blackmailers are policemen.
Especially,the election is coming soon…

Yeah, I’m sure that I saw a policeman. I heard from my friends, though, that it’s a common thing… and between the policemen and the gangsters, people prefer the policemen because their fees are lower!

It’s too bad.
No matter who charge lower,they should be reported.

Well… if this problem was taken more seriously, then I think everyone would be charged!