Protein Bars

I just went to GNC and they said that they no longer carry protein bars in Taiwan. Couldn’t find any on Momo, and pchome had some but they were over 100NT per bar. Any ideas where I could find some in the Taichung area, or Taiwan in general? Got plenty of protein powder, but bars are more convenient. I know herbalife has some but no idea how much they are or where I could buy them in Taichung.

I’ve been eating Soyjoy bars as a snack recently. You can get them at some 7-11’s. Only 4.5 grams of protein, though. They do fill me up and allow me to avoid chips and other unhealthy things, which is the main reason I eat protein bars. I’ve lost a little over four kilos on herbalife in 6 weeks (I lost five but then went a little crazy with the food and booze this last weekend!). But it’s nice to get something different as a snack besides their protein bars.

If anyone need Herbalife protein bar/power/shakes, feel free to email: ($850 per bottle) I bought it from her.