Proxy servers

Well I wrote something on tealit about the posts there encouraging arguments and the only way to stay on there was to post in the extreme, I mean you can’t post anything actually useful without it being deleted. This resulted in me being banned from the forum, no reason given.
So I found some free proxy servers on the net and am using them. I posted again, said I was now using a proxy, and guess what, 5 minutes later, banned again. Don’t these guys understand the endless supply of free proxy servers out there, yet they banned me again. Needless to say I have a new Proxy, 30 seconds later I was posting again.
I know this behaviour shouldn’t be encouraged, but I didn’t do anything wrong, my post was tame compared to the stuff that is kept on there. I will never understand the guys at Tealit - Actually a quick way to get deleted or banned is to mention on their forum.

Welcome to the club, many of us have been banned. :imp: :wink:

I went back to tealit after posting on one of my old threads. They must have figured out that it was me and I was banned yet again. The mod. isn’t a bot like everyone posting there believes. I think I will just become a dedicated Segue poster instead, a better group of people anyway. However I put one more posting on tealit just to see how smart they are, I’ll see if they can find me and ban me yet again.
It’s quite the game of cat and mouse, smokey and the bandit, The Dukes of Hazzard and Sherrif Rosco P Cotraine. Actually they probably aren’t as smart as Rosco.