Psychiatric (Patient And Human Rights Violation) Abuse In Taiwan

Dear All:

My name is Jade Chen.

Note: I capitalize to emphasize the important points!

Last year (in 2014), I became a victim of psychiatric abuse here in Taiwan.

It started with my (female) psychotherapist violating our contract. This psychotherapist works inside a clinic.

In the contract, it stated the client (myself) has every right to reject any type of medication given by a psychiatrist, be it in the clinic itself (there is a male psychiatrist, who established the clinic) or any psychiatrist outside (ex: a hospital), during the sessions with the psychotherapist (which is her). She (Jade) also has every right to say “no” if the psychotherapist (she) recommends one.

That contract was to be violated only if the client (myself) starts having suicidal thoughts or becomes a threat to society.

At the time, I was far from being suicidal and a threat to the public.

We both signed the contract. I thought: from then on, everything was on its’ way to being resolved and healed. Or so I thought!

A few sessions later, this psychotherapist went behind my back by telling my mother she has a good friend/former co-worker who is a (female) psychiatrist at this hospital in Taipei who can deal with Jade (me) because she simply did not want to hear my problems anymore. She simply wanted no part in assisting me to resolve my depression (brought on by years of verbal abuse from the people I came across in my life).

She completely violated the contract.

My mother became convinced through her “advice” and persuasion.

Months later, I re-contracted pneumonia (I caught it once, as a young child) and was hospitalized at Taoyuan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for eight days. For eight straight days, I received antibiotic injections and was on IV to remove the bacterial infection.

After I got out of the hospital, I suffered a a slightly moderate nervous breakdown. This was probably due to the fact I just got out of the hospital and I was, physically, still very weak from the antibiotic treatments I got when I stayed there.

My mother, who became alarmed and probably thought: Perfect! My daughter has finally disintegrated to that point! It was the perfect storm! The perfect time to drag me to the psychotherapist’s friend/former co-worker: the psychiatrist!

I fought with all my might not to go (years before, when I was still back in California, I vowed I rather shoot myself dead than be handcuffed and dragged to a psychiatrist because I know what they do to their patients)! But at the end, I lost the battle (of wits) between myself and my mother! I was dragged to the psychiatrist by my mother (the threat of it, to me, was EQUIVALENT to that of actual handcuffs)!

When I went to go see the psychiatrist, I told her of my depression and the years of verbal abuse by people whom I encountered. This psychiatrist, who is the friend/former co-worker of the psychotherapist, asked me several questions of the primary characteristic behaviors related to: hallucinations, paranoia, bi-polar, and schizophrenia. I said, in a firm tone of voice: NO to all of her questions! I told her I was ONLY depressed and NOTHING else! I also told her I was born very premature and that I JUST got out of the hospital with a bout of pneumonia and was given antibiotic injections, and that she needed to be ABSOLUTELY CAREFUL when prescribing medications to me!

However, SHE NEVER LISTENED TO ANYTHING I said! It was as if I was talking to a brick wall the entire time! Now that I think back, it was more like SHE was hallucinating and was CONVINCED on the “fact” how I was a “paranoid schizophrenic” and that I MUST be “cured” of my condition!

I was COMPLETELY SOUND (sane) in mind at the time!

She went ahead and prescribed ANTIPSYCHOTICS and ANTIDEPRESSANTS, three different kinds, and told me to take all of them (I later found out, from an online search, that you can NEVER take MORE THAN ONE TYPE of psychiatric drug at the same time because it is HIGHLY DANGEROUS TO DO SO, AKA: mix and match medications, but by then, it was too late)! She LIED THROUGH HER TEETH about those antipsychotics and antidepressants had ABSOLUTELY NO DANGEROUS EFFECTS WHATSOEVER, and how it would ONLY “calm my nerves”! Of course, NOTHING can be further from the TRUTH!

I took the three types of medications: Zyprexa, Dormicum, and Biperiden for one month.

Afterwards, I was NEVER THE SAME AGAIN!

From the three types of medications, I developed: paranoia, hallucinations, fear of public places, complete distrust of the outside world, flashbacks, memory loss, severe obsessive compulsive disorder, constant thoughts of wanting to commit suicide, spacing out for periods of time, irritable bowel syndrome (alternating between diarrhea and constipation, accompanied by abdominal pain, intestinal spasms, bloating and gas. I also had fecal incontinence for a very long time), aggression, agitation, confusion, indigestion (I can no longer digest fats, oils, spicy, raw or cold foods properly. If I eat any of those, it immediately triggers an episode of diarrhea along with cramping, which is more painful), weakness, lethargy, extreme fear of being alone, extreme fear of tight small spaces as well as wide open spaces, changes in personality, distortion of my perception towards reality, severe insomnia, and frequent mood swings.

I called up the psychiatrist and even scheduled a one hour private appointment with her (she works inside a hospital, but she also gives private one-to-one consultations, how ironic it is), telling her about THE DANGEROUS FACTS AND EFFECTS OF THOSE PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATIONS she prescribed to me. She FLATLY DENIED, stating how she ABSOLUTELY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OUTCOME OF MY DEGRADED PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH (brought on by NO ONE but herself)! She even told me if I were to file a lawsuit against her, I could not because she had the ENTIRE HOSPITAL behind her back (does this not sound like the “nah nah nah nah nah, you cannot catch me” immature behavior? I think so)!

I left the hospital, knowing there is NOTHING I COULD DO to give myself some type of justice!

It has been a year since the horrifying encounter with the psychiatrist!

Today, I cannot travel far (I have to be shuttled around by my parents and if they are not there, I cannot go anywhere, not even drive myself into Taipei (I live in Taoyuan County). I cannot go outside and even take a decent shower at home (my irritable bowel syndrome prevents me from doing so). I have to wait until “a lucky day”, AKA: when my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms slightly subsides to a point where I can go out (for no more than 10 minutes) and have a shower at home, which is, in itself, a rare occasion (I know, it is gross since I live here, in a subtropical climate where it is hot and humid. However, there is NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT)! I also can no longer hold a regular job (even an online one) due to the many problems I have.

And because of my severe irritable bowel syndrome, I wear an adult diaper now!

At 32 years old, I should be in my “prime”, meaning good physical health and sound in mind! However, I am WEARING AN ADULT DIAPER!

Prior to all this, which happened, I was physically and mentally HEALTHY (expect for the lung infection and depression)!


I have searched EVERYWHERE here in Taiwan, and NO DOCTOR can help me with my present condition (please do not ask me questions such as: how come you did not continue to search further and harder for a doctor who will help you? This indicates you simply do not care about my situation! I will not answer such questions rising from a lack of concern, thank you very much)!

I would like to speak with a lawyer and hopefully, the psychiatrist can be taken to court here in Taiwan! I hope SHE CAN GO BEHIND BARS for what she did, GET MONETARY COMPENSATION FROM THE HOSPITAL, and receive a SINCERE AND FORMAL APOLOGY FROM HER (PSYCHIATRIST)! However, this probably cannot happen (I do not know. Maybe it can and will).

I am not being emotional here (as in: lack of judgment)! The psychiatrist HARMED me physically and mentally! My HUMAN RIGHTS and PATIENT RIGHTS were TAKEN AWAY by HER!

Please refer me to a RESPONSIBLE lawyer who can help me with this HORRIBLE AND TRAGIC case! My case.

I am a victim to psychiatric abuse here in Taiwan! Psychiatric abuse, no matter how small or how large, is STILL abuse!

This is an UNDENIABLE FACT! Period!

This is probably the first case ever, and an extremely rare one, in Taiwan. However, I believe it will not be the last!

To this day, I am still suffering from those problems brought onto me.

Thank you all for reading.



I believe you 100%. The field of psychology has been used since the 1950’s to discredit whistle blowers, revolutionaries, human test subjects etc… and is still being used today to cover up such activities.

Did you know a vast majority of psychologists are involved in human body experimentation’s, and they are simply there to gather information on the test subject and relay it to the people in charge? Did you know many psychologists are really CIA agents and military intelligence officers?

So at this point you must be thinking,… How do you know all this stuff? Well I have a story to.
Taida university was given a grant to test a new form of the MKULTRA program. This new updated MKULTRA program was to test the effectiveness of a 100% wireless program. In the past 1960’s MKULTRA programs test subjects were tested by “in room” psychologists and they were also kidnapped and tortured physically by real people.
Now it’s 2015. Same program but much more “stealth”. They wanted to do away with the “in room” psychologists" and real deal kidnap and torture agents. Because these past methods are security risks. They don’t want another human rights abuses case going public about the MKULTRA program. Taiwan not being part of the U.N. makes it a slightly advantageous place for these human experimentation’s to take place since the human rights reporting is more lax in Taiwan. U.S. a big ally to Taiwan and a country that sales it’s weapons to Taiwan most likely also has hidden agreements with Taiwan to “turn a blind eye” or “play stupid” to any and all electronic psychotronic weapons testing taking place on this island.

So what’s really going on? Ok, so the 2015 version of MKULTRA works like this. In the past the media put emphasis on the program as turning you into some mind controlled zombie. This is not really the case in reality. The program is meant to torture you into a breaking point with the desired objective reached. This could be admitting to a crime you didn’t commit, and believe it or not 1 out of 20 weak minded individuals can even be tricked in the long term to assassinate some one if they believe “it’s cool” or “it’s there chosen destiny” as the brainwashing tries to make the individual think.

How does it work in 2015? So, because of obvious security risks and human rights abuses in such a program today the entire program has gone wireless but everything else remains the same. The mission objective and techniques all the same. The psy-ops agaent AKA Psychological operations agent, Dark Psychologist instead of meeting with you in a room to brainwash you and risk being recorded now does it through a new technology called bone conduction. Believe it or not bone conduction is available today in consumer products such as google glasses. It sends sound directly to your brain bypassing your ears. This is real, no fake conspiracy here, just google bone conduction technology to learn more. So the psy-ops agent involved in the brainwashing does it by a wireless form or from a distance form of bone conduction technology. Sending you voices, programming, brainwashing etc,… in a way in which those around you can’t hear it, and you can’t record an audio version of it. A “stealth” method. Ok so that’s the brainwashing part, now onto the physical enforcement of it all.

The physical enforcement to make the subject “listen up” to the programming, mission, desired objective. This to is now done wirelessly. Two different methods are used. One could be nanobots so tiny you can’t even see them becoming lodged into your body and later create an antenna capable of connecting to the 3g,4g, gsm grid to triangulate a harsh “zap” directed enerygy attack etc,… on different parts of your body or organs. When you feel fear and hopeless from these attacks as they are nearly impossible to prove the weak minded individuals start listening to the psy-ops programming. Here is a link to one example of nano-antenna tech. As you know military tech is always 30 years ahead of it’s time and history has proved almost always tested on the populace before being put into practice. … anoantenna
There are many more nanobot antenna links on the net by doing a google search.

The second way to connect to the body to triangulate a directed energy attack on the organ in by DNA antenna frequency technology. … unications
Most people don’t know your DNA strand is 6 feet long and a fractal antenna. After your DNA is decoded a unique frequency is given.
(I’m already working on a human body firewall to block this technology) After connecting physical pain attacks can occur from a distance.

Lastly there is a way to read your mind that can play a part into the psy-ops and hopelessness of the individual. It’s called RNM. … -thoughts/
I’m guessing a cap with magnets all inside it could block this technology from working, but again i’m only slightly skilled in electronic engineering not a military advanced electronic technician.

So there you have it MKULTRA in 2015 gone stealth. WOW, how do you know all this? I’m a victim, I’m EX US Military.
Everything was going “smooth” for the contract between Taiwan, The United States, and Taida the university that got the government experimentation grant except for just one thing, I am a counter intelligence agent.

So who loses is this cover up and human rights abuses if it becomes exposed?
The U.S.
and Taida

So I have been weighing my options, between China and Russia. I’ve been considering catching up with Snowden since believe it or not he also is aware of my case
and we even crossed paths in Hawaii were I lived prior to Taiwan.

Please stay strong and get involved with Human Rights Organizations that have no links to gov or corporations.
One I can recommend is

There is most likely 20 other Taida student victims and I’m trying to figure out who was the “weak” one that succumbed to programming and what they are programmed to do.

To know more about my story go to

I am now on the “targeted Individual” list. Dissidents, Engineers, doctors, judges and lawyers resisting corruption etc,… are all growing in numbers on the Targeted Individual list.

Disclaimer: There are more and more disinformation agents online. Their job is solely to troll and discredit experimentation victims, and targeted individuals. In the army this disinformation MOS is 30E I believe. So just know that there are also psy-ops discrediting attacks online and even on forums like these. Read comments below with caution and multiple grains of salt.