Public Order

In the Permanent Resident Visa information sheet provided by the Taoyuan County Police they state that foreigners that have violated the public order and customs of the ROC are ineligible to apply.
What constitutes a public order and customs violation?

Legally speaking, I would say that a “criminal conviction” within the last five years would invalidate you from eligibility.

A civil conviction (such as to say that you DO OWE YOUR NEIGHBOR MONEY, and yes YOU DO HAVE TO PAY IT BACK), is not relevant, nor are administrative matters (traffic fines, etc.)

The news says it is now OK for Taiwan citizens to preach communism,
etc. I’m curious, last I checked if we non-citizens go yapping our
jaws about this and that, we will get deported for doing things
different that what out visa is for. [I’m a Permanent Resident. Do I still have a visa and what is it for?] It that what Richard is going
to do, say “openly support Ma Yingjiu for his Hanyu Pinyin street
signs”, for which we then tip off the cops, creating the test case?